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The beautiful Nicole.. - Long Island Photographer

When I was in my early 20's I had no clue who I was or where I wanted to be in life.  When I met Nicole on a beautiful winter day earlier this year she blew me away with the confidence and determination of the direction of her life. 

A dancer, an actress, a college student with plans.  Big plans.  She wanted and needed head shots that were different and not in a studio.  I know some day I will be either see her dancing in a major play or starring in a movie. 

Here are some of my absolute favorite from the session:

Thank you again Nicole!!!! To see more images from this session, please head over to my Facebook page.. :)


Wasn't it just yesterday we were in third grade? 

So you're in third grade, learning about school stuff never thinking that in a million years you would ever be parents right? 

Well I have known Justin since the third grade.. see exhibit A (we are the ones with the big white arrows pointed at our heads):
Fast forward a few decades later and we are both parents. Crazy how fast time flies because it was literally just yesterday we were all in Mr. Kaplans class trying not to kill the guinea pig.  (whoever cut my hair like that should have never had a beauticians license.)

Justin couldn't make the session because he was out playing hockey with his friends, but I finally got to meet the Mrs. Justin and she was so easy to chat with and didn't seem to mind that I asked her kids to take off their jackets in 40 degree weather! (thanks Melissa!! )

The boys look just like Dad:

And their baby girl looks just like Mom:

What was adorable about Melissa & Justin kids is that they really, really liked taking pictures with one another.. It was really sweet to watch out Big Brother was always looking out for his baby Sis.  Can you hear her laughing in these photos?

I love this one of the their little guy.. so pensive:

Look how sweet they all are:

And how silly they can be:

Thanks so much Melissa (it was so great getting to meet you!) and Justin! Your children are adorable and they didn't mind my camera at all!! 

To see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan page.


Thank goodness for Facebook - Long Island Family Photographer

I love Facebook for so many reasons but my number one reason it has introduced me to so many long lost friends, and to new amazing photography clients. 

Meet the "M Family".  Now, the "M Family" was the best of both worlds.  I went to school with Jenn and Paul.  Like way back in the day, junior high school.  And what is so crazy, they live like right about the block from me and know so many of the same people. 

I was extremely honored to come to their home and photograph their ridiculously cute family.  When Jenn told me they had a ten year old boy I was nervous.  Sometimes boys at that age get shy in front of the camera but Lil' P proved me w.r.o.n.g!!!

Look at this face - a true smile!!!  And then when I asked him for a serious face, he nailed it again.. How handsome right?  And he helped me with some tips on how to get "the dark dude" in Harry Potter.  Score!
Now meet "G".  She was hysterical.  Giving her brother rabbit fingers behind his head while we did family shots, telling me all about her friends and that she is on Team Jacob.  I told her I would still like her because  I am soooo Team Edward!  :P  Her bedroom was amazing.  Right down to a mini chandelier on the ceiling.  She also allowed me to photograph her and her best friend since she was little, little.

And, now, please let me introduce little O.  She is two.  Two and so full of personality she kept me rolling.  She was so incredible taking directions on where to stand, where to look, and how to sit.  Did I mention she is two?  Umm.. that usually never happens!  She adores, I mean ADORES her brother and sister. And the girl knows how to rock a tutu!!

Can you stand how cute they all are together?

And check out how adorable they all are together!
Umm.. wow did I ramble on this post.. what can I say, I had a great time.  Thanks so much Jenn and Paul for a GREAT photo session. 

To check out additional photos from this session (yes, there are so many other great ones!!) Head over to my Facebook Fan Page.


Little Man J Makes Turning One Look So FUN! Suffolk County Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I met little J.  He was shy at first, didn't want Mommy to be to far away.  That is when Mommy really turned on her Mommy powers and little J opened up with smiles!!  She even jumped on the bed with him to make him belly laugh!!  How awesome is she?

Little J was fast.  Like lightening fast!  He was all go go go.. But I managed to get some super cute photos of the little man. 

Look at those eyes!!!!! All natural!!

There are so many other cute ones from this session with Little J.. Please head over to my Facebook fan page and check them out.

And lastly, thank you Christine!!! I had a great time photograhing your very handsome little man!!!


My Camera Eats Their Little Faces Up!!! Long Island Family Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  It is not even a job in my eyes because I truly love, love, love taking photographs. 

I photographed the "T" family last year for their daughter's second birthday.  Little "L" stole the show.  Seriously, her porcelain and her auburn hair color (amazing!!)  Mom was pregnant at the time and said after the session that she would contact me when her second child was born.  Well she did and I cannot wait to share with you all. 

Little L's little brother has the most amazing eyes.. (there is nothing done to them.. totally his color!!)

And sweet, funny, full of personality "L"

And can you stand this little attitude??

I have so many others that I am going to share on Facebook, so if you want to see, please go check them out!!

Thank you so much again Nerissa and John for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!!!!


Sleepy Little Girl - Long Island Newborn Photographer

When Martha contacted me to photograph her new little girl of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I never know what to expect when I am going to photograph a newborn because they run the show.  Most of my newborn sessions take about two or three hours but this little girl was soo sleepy that the whole session only took about an hour. 

I couldn't believe how she didn't make a peep.  Or a stir.  She let me change backdrops, change bows, all without any fuss. 

Look at this sleepy little face:

I dare you not to say awhhhhhhhhhh on this one:
(sometimes I get so lucky)

I love the way Moms hold their new ones so close:

And look how she holds onto Dad:

PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.

Thank you so much Martha and Ralph!!!!!


A 4 Year Old with Style.. Introducing Kaylee - Suffolk County Long Island Photographer

Miss Kaylee was hysterical.  She played shy and then would crack up laughing.  And boy does she have style and ask her to strike a pose.. woooo watch out, because she knows how to strike a pose.  Check out my favorite photos from the session.

Thanks so much to Kaylee for being such a great model and to Dawn (mom)!!

And to see more from this awesome session, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.. :)


Precious Baby Boy CTB - Long Island Newborn Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to take photos of my beautiful friend Jessica's newborn son.  Little CTB was my first newborn photo session.  I was anxious, excited and very, VERY nervous.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I read a ton.. studied a lot..practiced on my focus..but I was still a bundle of nerves and truthfully you never know what to expect with a newborn.

When I got to her home Little CTB was WIDE awake which was fine because it took about 20 minutes to set up. Here is what I brought:

A mini heater
Backdrop holder
Bean Bag

Little CTB was not happy getting undressed, and for about 15 minutes he was fussy but we soon realized the little man was a little hungry.  Jessica nursed to him to sleep and he was AMAZING the rest of the photo session.

We were even lucky that his sweet, beautiful little cousin stopped by for the photo session.  She joined Little CTB for a few shots.

Here are a few of my favorite from the session:

Two collages I made of the photos (the backgrounds are not pink, just how it uploaded):


This little bear hat photo is my favorite from the entire day (look at those little lips!!)

Thanks again Jessica and Charlie for allowing me to spend some one on one time with Little CTB.  He is a perfect little angel.