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When a client becomes a friend... 

I've often written on this blog how grateful I am to have people wanting "me" to photograph their memories.  It is a feeling that makes my heart smile because I truly love what I do.  But when a client, someone I've never met before becomes a friend, well, that is a bonus to this business that I hold dear to me. 

Please let me introduce you to one of those clients that has turned into a friend....

Gina and I met when her daughter Antonina was born.  She was referred to me by a family member that I had photographed.  I went to her home to capture a newborn session with her family.  (Photos here).   Well fast forward a year, four photo sessions later, and I can safely say that I would invite Gina and her family over to my home for a BBQ because that is how comfortable I feel around her and her family.  I cannot say enough about Gina and her Mom Mary.  They both understand and love custom portraiture and how important it is to capture memories and moments and totally blame me for their addiction to Etsy too!

When my husband became ill in the Spring I had been working on an album from a session I did for them a few weeks back.  I told them that I had to put their project on hold because my family had to come first.  I not only was told don't worry about it, but to take my time.  Do you know that when they received their albums months later that they did not complain once?  I am not only grateful for how they have opened up their arms to me but how they value family and did not fault me once for putting my family first. 

Gina and I may not hang out, or talk on the phone, but I can tell you that there is a bond I have been able to create with her, her son, daughter and Mom that is irreplaceable.  When I go to her home, she opens the door and it is like I am seeing a friend.  

Thank you Gina, Mary & Richie for allowing me to be there to capture such precious moments of Richie and Antonina.  Your patience, and friendship is something I keep tight to my heart. 

Here are my favorite images from two sessions I had last year with their family.. One was from early Spring and the other was capturing Antonina's first birthday.

There are more images from this session over on my Facebook Page..  Click here to see them.. :)


Sometimes awhhhh is all that is needed.. Baby J and Big Sis M

Kami and I have been friends for yeeearrrss.  We used to work together and have a ton of laughs.  She used to make me laugh making fun of me doing my knee slap when I laugh.  And now that my youngest does the knee slap when he laughs it makes me think of her all the time because it really does look funny.  LOL

Over the years we kept in touch through Facebook but it has been hard to get together because of well .. life.  But when she contacted me to take photos of her new little daughter I was so excited.  I get to see her and her older daughter and take newborn photos of their newest family member. WIN WIN!!

Baby J was such a good model. She slept, and then slept and then slept some more! 

Look at the lip!

and doesn't she look so comfortable here?

Baby J's big sister is stunning!  Look at how beautiful she is..

I love this photo of the two girls..

And I have to share one more of my favorites.. How cute is this little one?

Thank you so much Kami and Todd for allowing me to photograph your princesses!! 

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Best Job in the WORLD!!

I know I have mentioned it here a BA-Gillian times, but I really do have the best job in the world.  You see earlier this year Libby contacted me to photograph her new little man, baby T (<--click on that link).  And baby T was the squishiest baby everrrr.. and to date he is still the biggest little newborn I have photographed.  (and between you and I, he is the cutest toddler with the best cheeks everrrr!!)  :)

Well, Libby was so laid back and awesome during our session recommended me to her sister-in-law Christy.  And when I met Christy it was if she had known me for years.  She allowed me to come to her home, re-arrange her furniture, prop her newborn in baskets and allowed her oldest to have some bribe candy at 11:00 am!!  It made the session so at ease and I cannot be more thankful for it! 

Christy's boys were so easy and heavenly.  You can see in her older sons eyes that Mommy is the light of his world.  It was adorable to watch.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.. I hope they make you smile!

Just in time for Santa!

I love this shot of little man T.

Thank you so much Christy for opening your home!  And thank you, THANK YOU Libby!

If you want to see more photos from this session head on over to my Facebook Fan page!! :)


Sweet Little Girl - Baby E - Nassau County Newborn Photographer

I travel around Long Island to take photos of sweet little newborn, families, children, etc.  Long Island is pretty big and I have no fear driving anywhere on it to go to my sessions.  But ask me to cross over to one of the five boroughs and I panic. 

But look at this face!!!!

How could I pass that up?  Besides, driving to Whitestone was not that bad at all.  Actually, it was fun because I got to have scenery I normally don't get like the Throgs Neck Bridge, and the city sky line. 

Baby E was the perfect little girl.  She let me put bows on her, change blankets without making a peep.  She waited to the end to even fuss she was hungry.

Look at how beautiful this little girl is..

Thank you so, so much to Baby E Mom & Dad for choosing me as their photographer!!!!


Such a little man with such great hair!! Baby Y- Nassau Newborn Photographer

When I first met baby Y he was all bundled up in a little blankie so all you could see was his incredible hair! 

SO ADORABLE!!  How do you NOT say awh to this photo!!  :)

His nursery was such a cute bear theme and Mom asked if I could incorporate one of the stuffed animals they have with little baby Y. I was all "OH MY GOODNESS, how CUTE!!"

See how cute:
Baby Y was such a great little sleeper for me.  Here are some of my other favorites from this session.

Look how tiny!! and that HAIR!!

Look at those lips!!!

Thank you to Baby Y's Mom & Dad for allowing me to photograph their first born!  And thank you to Helena for buying them a gift certificate!!

Please head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  Baby Y is that cute, you have to go check him out!! :)


Oh so tiny and adorable Baby E and big brother! - Nassau County Long Island Newborn Photographer

When I had this photo session it was pouring the entire morning, like buckets and buckets of rain. It did not ruin the mood of how awesome the day turned out. Big brother was so loving to his new tiny sister and Mom/ Dad made me the day super easy and comfortable.

I am in love with the photos.  It is so hard really.  Whenever I finish photographing a session I can't wait to go home to upload them to my computer.  I get so excited when I finally see the final product.  Here are my favorite from this session:

Thank you so much to Jennifer and Jay for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.

To see more from this amazing session, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.. :)