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Just my kids.. and a cute idea for your kids

I took these over the last couple of weekends.. most were taken during the Memorial Day weekend because I stayed home a ton and just let the boys play..

As a photographer I am riddled with guilt sometimes that my boys hate my camera.  Well, they like to take photos, just not be in photos.  In all honesty though, I do bother them a ton to practice on.. lol..

Before I forget.. a cute idea I have been doing with the boys for a few months now that I have been meaning to share for you to try with your kids, or your nieces, nephews, cousins, etc... Go to the dollar store, or to Target or Walmart.. anywhere that sells disposable cameras and pick one up. 

Give the camera to the child and tell them to have fun taking photos of anything they want.  They don't need to use all the photos in one day (which is never the case with my kids because they use the entire camera in like 15 minutes).

Now, go get the disposable camera developed and prepared to be amazed.  Seriously, you would be amazed what they find to photograph.  It is a great fun, inexpensive idea to have any child be creative. 

I do it once per month with my boys now and the whole project costs me about $15.00 for two disposable cameras and getting the prints developed.  When I get the prints back I gush over how creative they get each month.  My oldest actually lines up shots before he takes them now.  It is adorable!!! 

Okay, so these photos.  I love my kids to death and they are so cute and I miss just taking photos to take photos so I have been more mindful to just snap and not compose.  These are some of my favorite shots I got because of it..

So remember.. take the camera out and don't worry about being technical sometimes.. it is freeing, fun and can turn into some magical memories.. :)

And a pretty, pretty Rainbow!!!

Happy Shooting!!!