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Oh so tiny and adorable Baby E and big brother! - Nassau County Long Island Newborn Photographer

When I had this photo session it was pouring the entire morning, like buckets and buckets of rain. It did not ruin the mood of how awesome the day turned out. Big brother was so loving to his new tiny sister and Mom/ Dad made me the day super easy and comfortable.

I am in love with the photos.  It is so hard really.  Whenever I finish photographing a session I can't wait to go home to upload them to my computer.  I get so excited when I finally see the final product.  Here are my favorite from this session:

Thank you so much to Jennifer and Jay for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.

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Shh, don't tell my husband he was right.. 

This month my husband and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.  Each year since our first son was born we made a promise to go away alone, to spend "alone" time together.  I cried the very first time we left our son, I cried the next year after that, and then the year after that when our second son came along and we had two, of course I cried even harder.

I cry a ton.  I hate leaving the kids. And I kick and stomp my feet right up until we board the plane. But my husband has an extremely valid point, when we are home we don't know how to relax.  Real life is always chasing us, even if we sneak away for an hour or two we never really know how to relax. 

When the plane touched down in Jamaica last weekend and I felt the warm air and sun hit my face, I exhaled.  I knew the boys were being taken care of, I knew the plane just landed safely and our quick getaway had started.

We had good friends join us on our trip which just added to the good times.  For three days we did nothing but laugh and lounge.  And boy did we laugh.  (we won't talk about how much rum was consumed..LOL)

There were no laptops.
No TV shows.
No dieting.

And my husband and I talked.  Real conversations. And I looked like a girl for a couple of days.  Did my hair everyday, something that does not happen at home all the time because real life makes it impossible to do a complete blow out with mascara.

Every year we come home and walk through that door and kiss the boys until they get all prune like on their cheeks.  They tell us how much fun they had while we were gone and how much they missed us.  And we tell them just how much our hearts hurt from missing them so much and kiss them some more. 

In the end, my husband was right.  (and you too Jenn.. LOL)  We need to remind ourselves who we are outside of Mom and Dad.  We are blessed to have the boys, and we know the door is quickly closing on our our solo vacations because they are getting older but this getaway was so needed.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from the trip.  If you want to see all of them, head over to my Facebook Fan Page.. :)


Cuteness Overload - Nassau County Long Island Child Photographer

It was snowing, again, the morning I drove out to meet Kelley and her son.  I was late.  I hate being late to photography sessions.  When I pulled up to the home where I was going to photograph it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Kelley was at the front door with Little T in her arms and one look at him I knew we were going to have fun.  And that is exactly what we did!

Sweet little T is turning Two next month.  His mom wanted to capture her little man and his curls before his big boy hair cut.  Here are my favorite photographs from the session:

Thank you so much Kelley for opening your home to me.  I felt so welcomed and your little man made my job easy.  I hope your husband liked the present! :)

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Precious Baby C - Suffolk County Long Island Newborn Photographer

Every time I get to photograph a newborn my heart skips a beat. I am not even kidding.  Photographing a baby when they are no more than a few days old is something so precious.  When I met Baby C he was nine days old.  He was so strong and alert.  He decided he didn't like any of my newborn sleepy tricks like keeping him warm with a heater, or the white noise machine.   But boy, he sure liked to model for me.  Baby C was such a good little man the entire time during the session!!

Here is my favorite from the session:

The photograph below is in my top ten photograph I have ever taken.  I love the negative space, I love how peaceful he looks.. I just love it!!

Look at that face!! Soo handsome..

Thank you so much to Lisa who contacted me, and to Liz and Charlie for allowing me into their home to photograph their extremely adorable son!

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A 4 Year Old with Style.. Introducing Kaylee - Suffolk County Long Island Photographer

Miss Kaylee was hysterical.  She played shy and then would crack up laughing.  And boy does she have style and ask her to strike a pose.. woooo watch out, because she knows how to strike a pose.  Check out my favorite photos from the session.

Thanks so much to Kaylee for being such a great model and to Dawn (mom)!!

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Angelic Baby E - Long Island Newborn Photographer

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Baby E.  She was the tinest newborn I had ever photographed.. a little peanut she was.. and she was so full of personality.  No, seriously, she was.  She knew what she wanted.. and it was her blankie.  It was adorable.  I had the heater on her, the heat in the house was on, but she did not like to be uncovered for a second.  It was so adorable! 

Thank you so much Deb and James for allowing me to photograph your beautiful daughter.


Little Heart Breaker - Baby A - Long Island Newborn Photographer

Little Baby A is going to be a heart breaker.. I just know it.  I mean his little perfect blue eyes, his sweet, non-fussy demeanor.  He was the perfect little angel during his photo session.  His parents were so laid back and just let me do my thing.  I really do love my job.  I mean really, I get to snuggle little newborn babies.  Talk to brand new parents about how amazing it is to be holding a brand new life.  It is just pure awesomeness.  I am pleased to introduce little Baby A.

Thank you so much Natalie & John... and thank you to Jessica for purchasing this beautiful family a gift certificate for a session!

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Snuggly Baby T - Long Island Newborn Photographer

Say hello to the squishiest sweetest little man. He was ten pounds when he was born !! I cannot thank Tom & Libby enough for allowing me to photograph baby T!!!

Here are a few favorite from the session:

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Ohhh the sweetness - Baby Bella - Long Island Newborn Photography

I could have posted all the photos from this session. Seriously, she was THAT adorable. Baby Bella was voguing during the session.  Seriously, the girl can pose!!  I did not have to work for any of these shots, the love the parents have for one another was amazing.  They made my job easy. 

Please allow me to introduce Baby Bella...

Thank you so much Cyndy & Joe for allowing me to photograph your princess.. 

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Little G man growing up! - Long Island Baby Photographer

Gavin.. Gavin, Gavin, Gavin.. Seriously, this little boy is just adorable.. I was lucky enough to photograph him when he was a newborn, and just last week we took his three month photos..  Gavin's dad surprised mom with these photographs, I hope it made her smile!!  Thanks again Amy & Andrew!!! (Amy, I hope you liked his surprise!! )

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