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Blue Eyed Baby Sis - Newborn Photographer

There are sessions where the baby never gets into that deep sleep.  The baby is too busy seeing what is going on in the world and doesn't wanna miss anything! 

Well this little girl didn't want to miss a beat and I can't thank her enough for keeping her big beautiful eyes open for me!!!

Look at her and her beautiful Mom!

And here she is hanging out with Dad:

And tutu's always look adorable on little girls!

How handsome  is her big brother?

Thank you Effie for a great session!! Your family is adorable!!


Sunshine on a Gloomy Day - Hampton Newborn Photographer

It was a rainy day as I drove out to the Hamptons to meet Alex's sweet little boy.  It was chilly and gloomy and I crossed my finger there would be amazing natural light coming through any window I could find on such a dark day. 

As I chatted with Alex she showed me all the rooms of their home.  Her home was so very charming.  The details were perfection.  Each bedroom upstairs was glowing with such amazing light.  As soon as I choose their brand new nursery to set up camp, I got to work. 

This little man slept.  And slept.  And was the "bestest" baby ever!!

My heart swoons with this image..

Look at the light in this image!!!!

Admiring their little angel...

This session was the sun on such a gloomy day.  Thank you so much again for choosing me to capture these first moments. 

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Sleepy Little Girl - Long Island Newborn Photographer

When Martha contacted me to photograph her new little girl of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I never know what to expect when I am going to photograph a newborn because they run the show.  Most of my newborn sessions take about two or three hours but this little girl was soo sleepy that the whole session only took about an hour. 

I couldn't believe how she didn't make a peep.  Or a stir.  She let me change backdrops, change bows, all without any fuss. 

Look at this sleepy little face:

I dare you not to say awhhhhhhhhhh on this one:
(sometimes I get so lucky)

I love the way Moms hold their new ones so close:

And look how she holds onto Dad:

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Thank you so much Martha and Ralph!!!!!


Sweetness in the tiniest little package - Newborn photographer

When Sweet little L's Dad reached out to me in March of this year for a newborn session his wife was only a few months pregnant. 

They knew she was a little girl.  (Her little name is perfection, trust me on this!!)
They knew she had a due date of July 1st.
Well Little L decided to come early.  Seven weeks early to be exact. 
Little L was born a fighter. She never needed any assistance.  She just wanted to surprise her Mom and Dad.

When I first held little L, she was the tiniest baby to date.  At nearly 4 weeks old she weighed 4 pounds 9 ounces -  she was such a little peanut.  My heart swelled just looking at her sweet little face.

I mean really, look at her sweet little face!!

Look at her in her parents arms.. Doesn't it just make you go.. AWHhhhhh..

Here are a few more of my favorites... :)

I want to thank, a HUGE thank you to Michelle and Ken for opening their home and allowing to photograph their sweet little girl.  I still smile thinking how stinking cute she is..

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Ohhhh the cuteness!! Long Island Newborn Photographer

A few weeks back Danielle and Chris contacted me because they received a gift certificate from their cousin so I can take photographs of their newborn daughter.  She was a little older than I normally photograph newborns, but you would never, ever know it!! 

Baby S was sooo adorable and FULL of smiles.  I cannot tell how Baby S never, ever cried.  ever.  She was sooo good and I could not get over her nursery!! Look at this nursery!!!

Can you not EAT this smile up?

Wait what about this one?? CAN YOU STAND IT?? SOOO CUTE!!!

Little S just ate the camera right up and I was loving it!!!

Working the camera!!

Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed!!



Sweet Little Girl - Baby E - Nassau County Newborn Photographer

I travel around Long Island to take photos of sweet little newborn, families, children, etc.  Long Island is pretty big and I have no fear driving anywhere on it to go to my sessions.  But ask me to cross over to one of the five boroughs and I panic. 

But look at this face!!!!

How could I pass that up?  Besides, driving to Whitestone was not that bad at all.  Actually, it was fun because I got to have scenery I normally don't get like the Throgs Neck Bridge, and the city sky line. 

Baby E was the perfect little girl.  She let me put bows on her, change blankets without making a peep.  She waited to the end to even fuss she was hungry.

Look at how beautiful this little girl is..

Thank you so, so much to Baby E Mom & Dad for choosing me as their photographer!!!!