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What the heck? Newborn Edition

Over the past month I have had the pleasure of photographing numerous newborns.  I figured that it was time to have a What the Heck? Newborn Edition.  I will share some tips, cautions and a pull back shot of my typical set-up.

When I did my first newborn I was SCARED TO DEATH.  No seriously.  It was awful.  But I was extremely fortunate enough to photography my girlfriends son so she was very understanding and went with the flow.  However, after getting the first one under my belt, they don't get easier, I just approach them differently.  

Go into the session with confidence.  Seriously.  I mean that goes with any session.  If your confidence is not there, the pictures will reflect that (I recently had it happen at a portrait party and I can tell you it definitely reflects in your final work).

I know going into each newborn session that (a) Mom & Dad will be extremely nervous if it is there first born.  You need to explain in detail what will happen, and how the day will unfold.  They should be versed on your style of shooting, but just remind her that you will be taking off the babies diaper for some "hiney in the air" shots as I like to call them.  Make both Mom and Dad comfortable. (b) If it is their second, third, fourth child, all the same rules apply as in (a).  :)

The equipment I bring on a Newborn session is as follows:

1. A small heater
2. Bean Bag
3. Boppy
4. Towels/Changing pads for any accidents
5. Backdrop stand
6. Blankets, backdrops
7. Props (bowls, baskets, etc)
8. A softbox (I usually don't use it, but if there is not enough available light I break it out).

- It is extremely important to use a heater during a newborn session.  The baby never, ever wants to be cold. I will use a heater even during the summer.  So crank the heater up to high .. so that you’re sweating.  When you start sweating then you know the baby is comfortable.  

- Patience.  Patience.  And then more patience.  I explain to the parents when they book that the best time for squishy newborn photos is from day 5-10. I try never to shoot a newborn over ten days old because that is when they become aware, and they won't be in a deep sleep when you are trying to pose them.  Really explain to the parents that a sleepy newborn will result in amazing images.  You will run across the client that wants their newborn awake, and when that happens I explain to them that their photos will most likely result in very little eye contact with the camera, or even cross eyed photos because they just don't have the ability to focus.

Oh, and the baby will most likely eat, want to eat, need to be changed, snuggled, etc while you are there.  Newborns have their own timetable and needs.  Use that time to get some cute shots of Mom holding them. You can get creative too, because majority of the Moms I have photographed, do not want to be in the picture.  So I just take them holding the baby in their arms or snap a picture while the baby is resting on their shoulder.
-Think outside of the box.  I definitely do the traditional bean bag shots, which I love, but I love images of newborns in places where they shouldn’t be. (like baskets, bowls, etc).  Try to find backdrops that have a little texture to them. 

Explain to the parents that the set up may seem weird (I just had a newborn baby girl in a basket on the floor in the kitchen), but the shots will end up looking unique and beautiful.  However, go into the shoot with only three or four ideas.  If you bring more than you need you will end up bringing way to many props/backdrops and actually cause yourself to possible become way to indecisive when setting up shots.  (trust me on this. hahaha).
You can find great props at IKEA, Target, Home Goods, Marshalls, etc.
- Red.  Blotchy.  Scaly.  Yep, that is the typical skin of a newborn.  And every area of it is perfection.  You will hear Moms say, oh they are peeling, or they are so red (or jaundice).  Tell them not to worry because you will properly expose the shot, take it into photoshop and make minor tweaks.  Making sure you expose the shot correctly will help out more than you can imagine when trying to correct red, blotchy skin.  Take time to read your histogram!! :)
And because I promised, below is a pullback shot of a newborn session I had on Wednesday of this week.  I had GREAT natural light and did not need to use any artificial light at all.  I only used one of my reflectors (but I typically bring both of them when doing a newborn to fill in any shadows I see. 

Here is cute shot from this session:

There is a wonderful Flickr group that shows nothing but pull back shots for baby sessions.  Check it out if you get a chance.

Newborn sessions are wonderful and I am not claiming to be an expert.. But so far this has worked for me.. and I know when I was starint out I used to search high and low for someone to say, just breath.  :)  You have to make sure you have plenty of time to dedicate to each session because you never know how the day will unfold.  But in the end, the result of presenting the final photographs to the parents is something so wonderful and a great way to start a lasting relationship with them.

Please email me or leave me a comment if you have any additional questions!! :)

Happy Shooting!


Meet Gav - Long Island Newborn Photographer

My friend Andrew and his wife Amy recently welcomed their son into the world. It was a big deal to me to photograph this moment, especially since I been friends with Andrew since Junior High..Their little man was trying to hold up his head at ten days old!...! He was such a little model!! Thank you to both Andrew & Amy!

To see more of the photographs from this session, head over to my Facebook Fan page..


Sweet Little J - Long Island Portrait Photographer

When I photographed J, he was three months old and such a sweet little boy.  Such intense little eyes that captivated my camera.  Here are a few of my favorite from his session.



Can she be any cuter? Baby Ella - Long Island Newborn Photographer

She was seven days old when I took these photographs.  I cannot tell you how good she was, she did not fuss, or cry or complain.  Please allow me to introduce Baby Ella..

All photos taken with my 50mm with natural light only.  To see more of Baby Ella, please go to my Facebook Fan Page HERE..

Happy Shooting!


Baby C's Big Day - Long Island Infant Photograher

I was lucky enough to photography Baby C when he was first born.  He was an angel that day!  Can you believe I got lucky again when his Mom asked me to do his Christening shots?  I arrived around 1:30 pm in the afternoon and he decided to take a little nap.

First, take a picture of his sweet Christening outfit:

Here are some of my favorite shots I got of him in his outfit while he was sleeping:

About 45 minutes later he woke up and flashed us his amazing blue eyes.  Here are my favorite of Baby C when he was awake!

Thanks so much again Jessica and Charlie for allowing me to photograph your extremely handsome little man!!!  Can't wait for the big party!


Weekly Winners - Shades of Blue

Weekly Winners
I am excited to participate in the weekly meme called Weekly Winners hosted by the one and onlyLotus.




Precious Baby Boy CTB - Long Island Newborn Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to take photos of my beautiful friend Jessica's newborn son.  Little CTB was my first newborn photo session.  I was anxious, excited and very, VERY nervous.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I read a ton.. studied a lot..practiced on my focus..but I was still a bundle of nerves and truthfully you never know what to expect with a newborn.

When I got to her home Little CTB was WIDE awake which was fine because it took about 20 minutes to set up. Here is what I brought:

A mini heater
Backdrop holder
Bean Bag

Little CTB was not happy getting undressed, and for about 15 minutes he was fussy but we soon realized the little man was a little hungry.  Jessica nursed to him to sleep and he was AMAZING the rest of the photo session.

We were even lucky that his sweet, beautiful little cousin stopped by for the photo session.  She joined Little CTB for a few shots.

Here are a few of my favorite from the session:

Two collages I made of the photos (the backgrounds are not pink, just how it uploaded):


This little bear hat photo is my favorite from the entire day (look at those little lips!!)

Thanks again Jessica and Charlie for allowing me to spend some one on one time with Little CTB.  He is a perfect little angel. 

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