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A baby brother makes four... 

Alyssa is one of those girls who have it all together.  Her family is beautiful, she is madly in love with her husband, she runs her own business and is a super sweet person whom happens to be flawlessly beautiful.

See example A:

Her daughter is equally as beautiful, see example B & C:

Then comes little baby brother who has the sweetest little face:

And because Daddy loves the Yankees.. little man does too!!

Thank you Alyssa for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.  I am so thankful to have been able to photograph Little W first photos..


Validation ... Meet the S Family 

A little background on this next session I am about to share.  The S Family was the very first session I did after taking a two month break to stay home and help my husband heal.  Leaving my family after being through such a traumatic experience left me feeling vulnerable.  I did not have an ounce of confidence in me.  I felt disconnected and scared walking in door.  I had isolated myself so much in the two months that I felt what made my sessions so personal in the past, was not going to happen.

What I didn't know is that Elizabeth is best friends with a client I adore so she had known that my husband had just suffered from a brain aneurysm.  After saying hello to her beautiful family I laid it on the line to Elizabeth.  "I may be a little rough around the edges, and seem awkward, but I promise that I am here (mentally) and that we will have a wonderful session". 

What happened next makes me realize again that people are brought together not by chance.  Elizabeth had one of her best friends stop over whom shared a similar traumatic experience, and then Elizabeth shared a story of loss tied with courage.  The stories are each their own, I will not share them.  Yet, I will say that my feelings were validated.  It was what starting opening the "me" back up.  It helped me connect.

In the past six months since our session the amount of gratitude I have towards Elizabeth, her friend and her family is something I cannot define. 

I am so proud of these images.  The love each of them have for one another is easy to see.  I hope you love them as much as I do....

I can share so many more.. so if you want to see them, head over to my Facebook page.  :)

Thank you Elizabeth.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you Kevin for purchasing this session for Elizabeth..
And Thank you Libby for being friends with the kindest, most amazing people.


Squeezable Little Cheeks - Long Island Newborn Photographer

Okay, I will admit that I am getting better at putting up my blogs posts once a week rather than once a month!! WOOT!! 


This session is from APRIL!!! Ahhhh.. I will be catching up soon with my sessions.. I have so many awesome ones to share and I will share them all if it takes me forever.  :)

Meet the most squeezalbe little cheeks you will ever see!!

This little hat was made for Mr. M

This photo melted my heart.  I love how their wedding photo is in the background as they hold their brand new son.

Here are a few more of my favorite...

I have the best job in the world.  I will say it each time.  To be able to photograph such love and sweetness is just the best.  Thank you so much Shelia and Jason for choosing me to capture little M's first professional photos!


And then they were four.. Long Island Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Jenny and her adorable family when sweet little L was inside her tummy.  The photos I captured just melted my heart then, who would have known that I would strike luck twice when I went back to capture the four of them together.

This photo was my favorite from the entire session - seriously!! Those two sweet faces!!! LOVE!!

how cute is she here with her Mom:

This pop of color of her binkie and her eyes is just priceless!!

And you all know how much I love piggy pop shots!!

Thank you again Jenny for choosing me to capture such a special time in your family's life.


Best Job in the WORLD!!

I know I have mentioned it here a BA-Gillian times, but I really do have the best job in the world.  You see earlier this year Libby contacted me to photograph her new little man, baby T (<--click on that link).  And baby T was the squishiest baby everrrr.. and to date he is still the biggest little newborn I have photographed.  (and between you and I, he is the cutest toddler with the best cheeks everrrr!!)  :)

Well, Libby was so laid back and awesome during our session recommended me to her sister-in-law Christy.  And when I met Christy it was if she had known me for years.  She allowed me to come to her home, re-arrange her furniture, prop her newborn in baskets and allowed her oldest to have some bribe candy at 11:00 am!!  It made the session so at ease and I cannot be more thankful for it! 

Christy's boys were so easy and heavenly.  You can see in her older sons eyes that Mommy is the light of his world.  It was adorable to watch.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.. I hope they make you smile!

Just in time for Santa!

I love this shot of little man T.

Thank you so much Christy for opening your home!  And thank you, THANK YOU Libby!

If you want to see more photos from this session head on over to my Facebook Fan page!! :)


Oh how I love newborns- Meet Princess K

Before I jump right in and share with you the beautiful Princess K I have to preface the story.  You see, Sharon is the Mom of my son's best friend.  My son Donnie and her son R went to daycare together since they were itty bitty. 

Even though they go to different elementary schools now, they are still best of friends.  Well, when I found out Sharon (aka Princess K's mom) was pregnant I basically threatened her that i was taking photographs of her new baby.  No, seriously, I would see her and would drill in her head 5-9 days after you give birth I will be at your house. 

And you see, a little "I'm showing up at your house to photograph your kids" jedi mind trick worked because I was able to capture this:
Look at this face!!

Princess K fussed for a bit in the beginning but then she was pure sweetness!! See, I have pictures to prove is.. look at this adorable-ness!!
Look at how comfy she is here..

One more of big brother.. he was so, sooo sweet with her..

Thank you so much Sharon & Tim for allowing me to photograph your family.  Princess K is beautiful and that R.. well you know we feel about him!! (love love!!)

If you want to see more of this sleepy little princess, head over to my Facebook Fan page.. :)



Sleepy Little Girl - Long Island Newborn Photographer

When Martha contacted me to photograph her new little girl of course I jumped at the opportunity.  I never know what to expect when I am going to photograph a newborn because they run the show.  Most of my newborn sessions take about two or three hours but this little girl was soo sleepy that the whole session only took about an hour. 

I couldn't believe how she didn't make a peep.  Or a stir.  She let me change backdrops, change bows, all without any fuss. 

Look at this sleepy little face:

I dare you not to say awhhhhhhhhhh on this one:
(sometimes I get so lucky)

I love the way Moms hold their new ones so close:

And look how she holds onto Dad:

PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.

Thank you so much Martha and Ralph!!!!!


The sweetest lips with the sweetest name.. Meet Baby W - Newborn Photographer

Martha and Leigh are great friends with Erin and John.
Martha and Leigh decided to purchase a gift certificate for a newborn session for Erin and John back in May.
Erin and John were expecting their first child.  A boy.
When I finally got to meet Erin and John after little man was born I got the feeling that stress is not a word in their vocabulary. 
They were both so laid back.
So peaceful.
You would think they were seasoned parents with how amazingly calm they were around their new little man.
I mean look at this nuzzle from Mom.  So much peace and warmth in her face.

And look at those lips!!!

Here are a few more from the session that just makes my heart smile..

Can you just go awhhh with how snuggly he looks here?  I don't share names on my blog because of safety issues, but if you could know his name you would squeal with how perfect it is..

As I do each post, please Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session. 

Thank you Martha and Leigh for introducing me to Erin and John, and there sweet,sweet little man W.

And THANK you Erin and John for handing over little W to me to photograph without even blinking.  He was is heavenly. Keep enjoying every moment!!


Sweetness in the tiniest little package - Newborn photographer

When Sweet little L's Dad reached out to me in March of this year for a newborn session his wife was only a few months pregnant. 

They knew she was a little girl.  (Her little name is perfection, trust me on this!!)
They knew she had a due date of July 1st.
Well Little L decided to come early.  Seven weeks early to be exact. 
Little L was born a fighter. She never needed any assistance.  She just wanted to surprise her Mom and Dad.

When I first held little L, she was the tiniest baby to date.  At nearly 4 weeks old she weighed 4 pounds 9 ounces -  she was such a little peanut.  My heart swelled just looking at her sweet little face.

I mean really, look at her sweet little face!!

Look at her in her parents arms.. Doesn't it just make you go.. AWHhhhhh..

Here are a few more of my favorites... :)

I want to thank, a HUGE thank you to Michelle and Ken for opening their home and allowing to photograph their sweet little girl.  I still smile thinking how stinking cute she is..

Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  There are some photos you have to see over there.. sooo adorable..


Ohhhh the cuteness!! Long Island Newborn Photographer

A few weeks back Danielle and Chris contacted me because they received a gift certificate from their cousin so I can take photographs of their newborn daughter.  She was a little older than I normally photograph newborns, but you would never, ever know it!! 

Baby S was sooo adorable and FULL of smiles.  I cannot tell how Baby S never, ever cried.  ever.  She was sooo good and I could not get over her nursery!! Look at this nursery!!!

Can you not EAT this smile up?

Wait what about this one?? CAN YOU STAND IT?? SOOO CUTE!!!

Little S just ate the camera right up and I was loving it!!!

Working the camera!!

Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed!!