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A baby brother makes four... 

Alyssa is one of those girls who have it all together.  Her family is beautiful, she is madly in love with her husband, she runs her own business and is a super sweet person whom happens to be flawlessly beautiful.

See example A:

Her daughter is equally as beautiful, see example B & C:

Then comes little baby brother who has the sweetest little face:

And because Daddy loves the Yankees.. little man does too!!

Thank you Alyssa for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.  I am so thankful to have been able to photograph Little W first photos..


An entire session of smiles.. 

This past summer I had a session with this beautiful family.  The session took place a day before Long Island ws hit by Hurricane Irene.  The weather was spectacular.  While the rest of the island was rushing around getting ready I was off photographing Monica and her beautiful family.

When I first arrived the kids were getting dressed.  The little girl came down stairs and this was my very first shot...I knew after I captured it, that it was going to be a great session.

My favorite from the session is this image.  They were belly laughing at one another.

Not even joking, I own the exact same shoes this handsome little man is wearing.

How adorable are these two?

Mom and Dad were equally as flawless..

Thank you so much Monica for such a great session.  Your children were simply wonderful to photograph!!


Best Job in the WORLD!!

I know I have mentioned it here a BA-Gillian times, but I really do have the best job in the world.  You see earlier this year Libby contacted me to photograph her new little man, baby T (<--click on that link).  And baby T was the squishiest baby everrrr.. and to date he is still the biggest little newborn I have photographed.  (and between you and I, he is the cutest toddler with the best cheeks everrrr!!)  :)

Well, Libby was so laid back and awesome during our session recommended me to her sister-in-law Christy.  And when I met Christy it was if she had known me for years.  She allowed me to come to her home, re-arrange her furniture, prop her newborn in baskets and allowed her oldest to have some bribe candy at 11:00 am!!  It made the session so at ease and I cannot be more thankful for it! 

Christy's boys were so easy and heavenly.  You can see in her older sons eyes that Mommy is the light of his world.  It was adorable to watch.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.. I hope they make you smile!

Just in time for Santa!

I love this shot of little man T.

Thank you so much Christy for opening your home!  And thank you, THANK YOU Libby!

If you want to see more photos from this session head on over to my Facebook Fan page!! :)


Two Sisters + One Brother = Precious Sweetness

It was a perfect morning for photographs.  I had never been to this park, but it was right on the bay and had the best of both worlds.... green, green lush grass areas with a beach and a bay.

I met T, A & J for the first time.  Little A is 17 months and she adores her big sister and brother.  I mean truly adores them..

Then there is T.  She is simply one word.  Stunning.

Then there was J.  He was hysterical.  He tried bargaining out of taking his photographs.  But in the end I won.  Look at how adorable he is... he looks like a professional model with this pose..

Take a look at Baby A and how adorable she is in this dress..

The one thing I did not mention about this morning is that we were only at this park for about 15 minutes or so because the mosquitoes were attacking the kids something awful.

This photograph was seriously one were I was like "Okay, sit, here, here and here".. snapped the picture and had Mom and Dad run them back to the truck because they were being attacked!!

But I will say I love how the end result was captured..

Thank you so much Caroline and Danny!! I truly loved photographing your beautiful family!

I posted the other fabulous photographs from this session over on my Facebook Page.. go check them out! :)


This is my job. Amazingly.

This is my job.

I get to photograph "oh my goodness those cheeks"

I get to photograph little pixie fairies

I get to photograph happy.

I get to photograph handsome

I get to photograph innocence

I get to photograph angelic

I get to photograph sisters

I get to photograph love

and love

This is my job.
I am blessed.
I am blessed to have clients that let me in.  Not just the front door.  But they let me inside of who they are as a family. They allow me to find their beauty.

Photography has given me so much in my life.  It shows me that regardless of how ugly the world can be that there is so much love.  So so much love.   You just have to stop and watch.

Thank you so much Danielle and Jim for letting me in.  For choosing me to photograph your family, and for allowing my camera to capture the magic you all create together.

Go here to see more of this gorgeous family.



Elementary Flash Back

I have known Leon since I was --> <--- that little.  Way before crows feet and kids came along.  There is a common bond you share with friends that you have known before you even knew who you were.

And old school friends accept you for who you are.  I mean Leon has seen my big hair, long black trench leather jacket days and he still speaks to me!

When I first photographed Leon's family it was right when I first identified my style.  I was still ironing out the kinks but I managed to get photographs they loved.  When he contacted me to photograph his family again this year I was ecstatic.  I mean I am still growing as a photographer, but I don't feel as paralyzed as I first did when I photographed his family the first time.

Let me just talk to you a bit of Leon and Patty's boys.  They are all sorts of funny.  Here are three boys so very dynamically different but who mesh so well that they are almost like a comedy routine. 

And? They totally have me convinced that they like me. LOL

Look at how handsome they are!

And here are Mom and Dad.. I so love this photograph of them..

Can you hear them laughing?  Makes me smile!!

This photo is one of my favorite from the day..

I want to thank Leon, Patty and their very cool little men.  I had a great time re-connecting with you again and I can't wait to see you guys soon!

If you want to see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan Page.  :)


Thank goodness for Facebook - Long Island Family Photographer

I love Facebook for so many reasons but my number one reason it has introduced me to so many long lost friends, and to new amazing photography clients. 

Meet the "M Family".  Now, the "M Family" was the best of both worlds.  I went to school with Jenn and Paul.  Like way back in the day, junior high school.  And what is so crazy, they live like right about the block from me and know so many of the same people. 

I was extremely honored to come to their home and photograph their ridiculously cute family.  When Jenn told me they had a ten year old boy I was nervous.  Sometimes boys at that age get shy in front of the camera but Lil' P proved me w.r.o.n.g!!!

Look at this face - a true smile!!!  And then when I asked him for a serious face, he nailed it again.. How handsome right?  And he helped me with some tips on how to get "the dark dude" in Harry Potter.  Score!
Now meet "G".  She was hysterical.  Giving her brother rabbit fingers behind his head while we did family shots, telling me all about her friends and that she is on Team Jacob.  I told her I would still like her because  I am soooo Team Edward!  :P  Her bedroom was amazing.  Right down to a mini chandelier on the ceiling.  She also allowed me to photograph her and her best friend since she was little, little.

And, now, please let me introduce little O.  She is two.  Two and so full of personality she kept me rolling.  She was so incredible taking directions on where to stand, where to look, and how to sit.  Did I mention she is two?  Umm.. that usually never happens!  She adores, I mean ADORES her brother and sister. And the girl knows how to rock a tutu!!

Can you stand how cute they all are together?

And check out how adorable they all are together!
Umm.. wow did I ramble on this post.. what can I say, I had a great time.  Thanks so much Jenn and Paul for a GREAT photo session. 

To check out additional photos from this session (yes, there are so many other great ones!!) Head over to my Facebook Fan Page.


My Camera Eats Their Little Faces Up!!! Long Island Family Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  It is not even a job in my eyes because I truly love, love, love taking photographs. 

I photographed the "T" family last year for their daughter's second birthday.  Little "L" stole the show.  Seriously, her porcelain and her auburn hair color (amazing!!)  Mom was pregnant at the time and said after the session that she would contact me when her second child was born.  Well she did and I cannot wait to share with you all. 

Little L's little brother has the most amazing eyes.. (there is nothing done to them.. totally his color!!)

And sweet, funny, full of personality "L"

And can you stand this little attitude??

I have so many others that I am going to share on Facebook, so if you want to see, please go check them out!!

Thank you so much again Nerissa and John for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!!!!


A Beautiful Family Referral! - Long Island Family Photographer

When Katie emailed me for a photo session she referenced that Samantha recommended me, whose son I had photographed a little while back (see cuteness here).  I was super excited because I was going to be trying out a new location I had just scoped out a week prior. (THANKS KIM!!)

The weather was perfect and I couldn't get over how fast this session went because it seemed to flow with not one hiccup. 

Here are my favorite from the session..

Love this one of Mom and Dad.. so beautiful...

Thank you again Katie for choosing me, and thank you Samantha for recommending me!!!

Please head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.


Porcelain Skin, Red Hair and Turning One!! - Suffolk County Long Island Child Photography

I photographed sweet little L during this past holiday season and she was still was just mastering sitting.  Little L's mom contacted me because she is turning ONE!!  What a HUGE milestone! 

I cannot believe how big Little L got, and her personality was so awesome.  Seriously, she was the perfect model.  And take a look at how porcelain her skin is, and that hair color.. stunning!!!

At one point I asked mom if I could take Little L outside and it was hysterical.  She did not want to sit down for a second, she was all "I have freedom, I am outta here.."  It was so adorable. 

Thank you so much Lisa for contacting me to take your beautiful daughters portraits. 

Here are my favorite from the session.  Head over to Facebook to see lots more!!

This photo melts my heart.. I love it!