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Sessions like this make my heart leap out of my chest... 

This session was photographed on Mother's Day weekend.. It has been a story I have been wanting to share for some time now.  When Christena contacted me through my website saying this:

" I live in the Bahamas and will be traveling up with my 2 yr old son to Long Island for a few days from May 7 - 9.  I absolutely love your photographs - especially the way you capture kids.We are going up to meet a very special little girl (my son's biological half sister who is only 3 weeks older than him).Both of our families used the same donor and we just found out about each other!  I'd love to know if you're free for May 9th (or on the preceding weekend - even though that's Mother's Day weekend)"

I was so very touched with their story and getting to know Jenny and Christena through email that I could not wait to meet them all. 

It was a perfect Spring day, they were so open and warm that the session happened so naturally and effortlessly.

Look at how brother and sister got along!

And how absolutely adorable they both are..

When I post about my sessions I cannot even express how much I love my job.  It is a feeling that is indescribable.  Then when the sessions have a meaning so grand, you cannot imagine how amazingly blessed I feel knowing that Jenny and Christena trusted this monumental event to me. 

Jenny and Christena, you are both nurturing, kind and effortlessly compassionate.  I thank you not only for allowing me to capture this moment in your life, but for showing the support and kindness to me and my family over the past few months.  I hope if you ever travel back this way Christena you all think of me again to capture the bond between H & R.

I would love to share their story, in their own words over at  Here is part of the story..

On February 1, 2011, I entered my donor dad's ID# and up popped a message that said Girl Born Nov2008. My son was born in December of 2008. Not only did my son have a biological half sister, but they were almost exactly the same age. The joy and excitement that overwhelmed me on reading that simple message was totally unanticipated. I wrote to the parents as quickly as my shaking fingers allowed.

In the ensuing months, we have written back and forth at least 100 times. We have exchanged lots of pictures and stories. We have sent gifts back and forth. We, and our kids, have talked on video Skype. And on May 6th, our flight touched down at JFK airport and we got to spend the most joyous Mother's Day weekend together.

Please click here to read the entire story.. It is so beautiful !


Wasn't it just yesterday we were in third grade? 

So you're in third grade, learning about school stuff never thinking that in a million years you would ever be parents right? 

Well I have known Justin since the third grade.. see exhibit A (we are the ones with the big white arrows pointed at our heads):
Fast forward a few decades later and we are both parents. Crazy how fast time flies because it was literally just yesterday we were all in Mr. Kaplans class trying not to kill the guinea pig.  (whoever cut my hair like that should have never had a beauticians license.)

Justin couldn't make the session because he was out playing hockey with his friends, but I finally got to meet the Mrs. Justin and she was so easy to chat with and didn't seem to mind that I asked her kids to take off their jackets in 40 degree weather! (thanks Melissa!! )

The boys look just like Dad:

And their baby girl looks just like Mom:

What was adorable about Melissa & Justin kids is that they really, really liked taking pictures with one another.. It was really sweet to watch out Big Brother was always looking out for his baby Sis.  Can you hear her laughing in these photos?

I love this one of the their little guy.. so pensive:

Look how sweet they all are:

And how silly they can be:

Thanks so much Melissa (it was so great getting to meet you!) and Justin! Your children are adorable and they didn't mind my camera at all!! 

To see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan page.


Boys being boys.. does it get any better?

It has been so long since I blogged a session!! I have been busy, busy, busy!  Which is so awesome but it left me so little time to show off how amazing the sessions have been that I have been photographing.

Back in October I met Valerie and her boys at Belmont Park. I love it there because there is so much variety for photos and I knew I was photographing three boys so I had to keep it interesting.  I can admit now I was a little nervous.  My own boys hate getting their photos taken so I was crossing my fingers that I was able to make them smile a little.

BOY, was I ever wrong for being nervous.  Look at them.. I mean they were born for the camera..

And not only did they nail every shot.. but they laughed AND had fun!

There are sooo many more that are my favorite from this session.  If you head over to my Facebook Fan page you can see them!! 

Thank you Valerie and Jason for choosing me to photograph your boys.  They were charming, funny, and could not have been more receptive to me.


Blonde Hair + Blue Eyes + Pink & Purple = ADORABLE

When little C first showed up for her photo session her Mom said "she just woke up from her nap".  So I thought that it may take a little time to warm up to me.  Boy was I wrong! When she stepped out of the car and onto the beach it was like Tyra Banks was trained by HER!!

You don't ask sweet little C to pose, she does it for you naturally. 

Give her space and watch her work her magic on you. 

Did I mention she is THREE?  :)

I mean look at these eyelashes!

Give her a hat and watch her rock it out!

A quick wardrobe change and the magic continues..

And when I first uploaded and saw this picture in full resolution I said out loud.. AWHHHH..

Okay, I have to share one more.. just one more.. and then you need to head over to my Facebook page to check out the rest.. because little C was such a model. 

Thank you so much to Kristi, Kim, Theresa and Jamie for such a fun photo session.. Little C made my job easy!!!


This is my job. Amazingly.

This is my job.

I get to photograph "oh my goodness those cheeks"

I get to photograph little pixie fairies

I get to photograph happy.

I get to photograph handsome

I get to photograph innocence

I get to photograph angelic

I get to photograph sisters

I get to photograph love

and love

This is my job.
I am blessed.
I am blessed to have clients that let me in.  Not just the front door.  But they let me inside of who they are as a family. They allow me to find their beauty.

Photography has given me so much in my life.  It shows me that regardless of how ugly the world can be that there is so much love.  So so much love.   You just have to stop and watch.

Thank you so much Danielle and Jim for letting me in.  For choosing me to photograph your family, and for allowing my camera to capture the magic you all create together.

Go here to see more of this gorgeous family.



Porcelain Skin, Red Hair and Turning One!! - Suffolk County Long Island Child Photography

I photographed sweet little L during this past holiday season and she was still was just mastering sitting.  Little L's mom contacted me because she is turning ONE!!  What a HUGE milestone! 

I cannot believe how big Little L got, and her personality was so awesome.  Seriously, she was the perfect model.  And take a look at how porcelain her skin is, and that hair color.. stunning!!!

At one point I asked mom if I could take Little L outside and it was hysterical.  She did not want to sit down for a second, she was all "I have freedom, I am outta here.."  It was so adorable. 

Thank you so much Lisa for contacting me to take your beautiful daughters portraits. 

Here are my favorite from the session.  Head over to Facebook to see lots more!!

This photo melts my heart.. I love it!


Lots of laughs -Suffolk County Long Island Child Photographer

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing two adore children.

What was wonderful about this session was it was a friend from way, way, back in the day.  Kelly and I were in the fifth grade together.  We used to be cheerleaders together in Junior High.  We went to Great Adventure the day after prom.  She was a friend whom I had lost touch with over the many years.

It was crazy to find out she has a little girl who is five and a little boy who just turned three.  Exactly my kids age. 

Her kids were so funny.  So full of laughs and giggles.  I truly had the best time meeting Kelly, her husband Manny and their adorable children.

Here are my favorites from the session:


Full of energy, beautiful little girl.. Long Island Child Photographer

Before I left for vacation I had the pleasure of photographing a little girl who was so full of energy that it truly was a blast capturing her personality.  She would play shy, and then leap out in laughter.  It made my job super easy.

We had three outfit changes and a ton of smiles. I can't thank sweet little A's parents enough for opening their home to me to photograph their beautiful daughter.  I moved furniture, dragged lawn furniture around and oo'd and ahh'd over the closet of their daughter (what I have little boys..LOL).  It was a blast, and we had PERFECT weather.. :)

I am super excited to share a few favorite from the session.  To see more from this session, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.. :)


Cuteness Overload - Nassau County Long Island Child Photographer

It was snowing, again, the morning I drove out to meet Kelley and her son.  I was late.  I hate being late to photography sessions.  When I pulled up to the home where I was going to photograph it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  Kelley was at the front door with Little T in her arms and one look at him I knew we were going to have fun.  And that is exactly what we did!

Sweet little T is turning Two next month.  His mom wanted to capture her little man and his curls before his big boy hair cut.  Here are my favorite photographs from the session:

Thank you so much Kelley for opening your home to me.  I felt so welcomed and your little man made my job easy.  I hope your husband liked the present! :)

And to see more from this amazing session, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.. :)


A 4 Year Old with Style.. Introducing Kaylee - Suffolk County Long Island Photographer

Miss Kaylee was hysterical.  She played shy and then would crack up laughing.  And boy does she have style and ask her to strike a pose.. woooo watch out, because she knows how to strike a pose.  Check out my favorite photos from the session.

Thanks so much to Kaylee for being such a great model and to Dawn (mom)!!

And to see more from this awesome session, please visit my Facebook Fan Page.. :)