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An entire session of smiles.. 

This past summer I had a session with this beautiful family.  The session took place a day before Long Island ws hit by Hurricane Irene.  The weather was spectacular.  While the rest of the island was rushing around getting ready I was off photographing Monica and her beautiful family.

When I first arrived the kids were getting dressed.  The little girl came down stairs and this was my very first shot...I knew after I captured it, that it was going to be a great session.

My favorite from the session is this image.  They were belly laughing at one another.

Not even joking, I own the exact same shoes this handsome little man is wearing.

How adorable are these two?

Mom and Dad were equally as flawless..

Thank you so much Monica for such a great session.  Your children were simply wonderful to photograph!!


A beautiful session with Miss Jillian

Jillian is one of those girls who is happy.  Like down to her toes happy.  It is almost infectious how sweet her personality is to everyone around her.   She is easy to talk too, funny and we had a great time at Belmont Park with her Mom and Grandmother..  

It was a warm, muggy day for a session, but she did not complain once (and neither did her Mom or Grandma while we walked around a huge park!!)  I cannot thank them enough for wanting a photo session with me!

Here are my favorite images from the session..


And then they were four.. Long Island Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Jenny and her adorable family when sweet little L was inside her tummy.  The photos I captured just melted my heart then, who would have known that I would strike luck twice when I went back to capture the four of them together.

This photo was my favorite from the entire session - seriously!! Those two sweet faces!!! LOVE!!

how cute is she here with her Mom:

This pop of color of her binkie and her eyes is just priceless!!

And you all know how much I love piggy pop shots!!

Thank you again Jenny for choosing me to capture such a special time in your family's life.


Hellllloooo Hunter!!  

Hunter is one of the original Kim Pace Photography clients.  And by clients, I mean I begged my very awesome friend to constantly take photos of him.  He was itty bitty when I first photographed him. (I didn't even have a blog then.. wow!)  Then I photographed him again.  And again.  (you can click those links.. )  Needless to say Mister Hunter has my heart!

Early last October I was able to photograph little Hunter again!!  Hunter is so full of smiles and giggles.  Well except for this photo when Mom said no he can't go swimming in the water.  He pouted and still made the photo adorable.. see....

But the pout did not last too long..

Look at how much he looks like his daddy..

And this may not be a fireplace portrait, but can you take how adorable his smile is while he literally is running on air!!

I love this one..

You can head over to my Facebook Fan page to see more of my favorite images from this session. 

Thanks again Brandy and Eric.. I love that little man to pieces!!


Wasn't it just yesterday we were in third grade? 

So you're in third grade, learning about school stuff never thinking that in a million years you would ever be parents right? 

Well I have known Justin since the third grade.. see exhibit A (we are the ones with the big white arrows pointed at our heads):
Fast forward a few decades later and we are both parents. Crazy how fast time flies because it was literally just yesterday we were all in Mr. Kaplans class trying not to kill the guinea pig.  (whoever cut my hair like that should have never had a beauticians license.)

Justin couldn't make the session because he was out playing hockey with his friends, but I finally got to meet the Mrs. Justin and she was so easy to chat with and didn't seem to mind that I asked her kids to take off their jackets in 40 degree weather! (thanks Melissa!! )

The boys look just like Dad:

And their baby girl looks just like Mom:

What was adorable about Melissa & Justin kids is that they really, really liked taking pictures with one another.. It was really sweet to watch out Big Brother was always looking out for his baby Sis.  Can you hear her laughing in these photos?

I love this one of the their little guy.. so pensive:

Look how sweet they all are:

And how silly they can be:

Thanks so much Melissa (it was so great getting to meet you!) and Justin! Your children are adorable and they didn't mind my camera at all!! 

To see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan page.


Lollipop, Lollipop... 

As I walked around the park with A & C's Mom she shared her story.  A story that just melts your heart and makes you realize that she was put on the earth to spread good.  Her little girls were full of laughter and light.  We had such a great time walking around the park.

What I love when I photograph siblings is that the younger one is always trying to emulate the older.  I find it so endearing and heart warming. 

Look at the sister sweetness here..

And how they gazed out onto the lake together..

Look at these curls!!

And this light in her hair!! LOVE IT..

And they LOVED the lollipops I gave them at the end of their session..

Thank you so much Elizabeth for allowing me to photograph your beautiful daughters.  :)

To see more from this session, head over to my Facebook Fan Page..


Beachy Little Girl - Long Beach Photographer

When Jennifer contacted me to photograph her little girl she informed me that she is turning six months old!  Half way to ONE!  It is such a huge deal because time moves so fast and that sweet six month stage is gone in a blink.

While we were chatting Jennifer let me know that she loves Halloween and I nearly screeched because, um, hello, I am a Halloween Junkie. I dress up every year, and I make my kids pick a theme costume every year.  We have been the Incredibles, Pirates, Cops and Prisoners..

Okay, I digress. 

When I arrived to Jennifer's condo in Long Beach I was blown away by the light.  And then the cuteness of Baby E.  I mean check out this face!

And can you just die of cutness overload with this piggy pop photo?

You can tell Baby E is adored!

And lving across the street from the beach.. can you beat the view she gets to see everyday!!

I have to share one more.. Check out how Diva-licious she looks decked out in pink beads and a tutu!

Okay, one more.. because this shot melts my heart..

There were so many others that I want to share, so head over to my Facebook Fan page and check them out!!!

Thanks so much again Jennifer and Gerald for opening your home to photograph your beautiful little girl!


Celebrations are in order... 

I am pretty sure if you look up the definition of any of the following words you will find a reference to my son Aaron.

Wild, Opinionated, Affectionate, Unruly, Snuggable, STUBBORN, Charming

My son Aaron believes that the world revolves around him.  And of course he should think except couple that train of thought with the fact that he thinks he is turning 16 instead of 3.

My son.
My little trouble maker.
My overabundant supplier of hugs.

He turns three today. 

Breathe in and out I tell myself.  I cannot believe that he is turning three.  Last night I looked back on the post I wrote to Aaron last year and my heart melts.  He was just starting to talk.  And now he is talking me in circles.  His blankie is still his best friend, and Mickey Mouse still steals the show in his book.

If you could sit back and just watch him you would see the magic he creates.  Sometimes good magic, sometimes bad magic, and sometimes unbelievable I cannot believe I was so blessed that I am his Mom magic. 

I say it all the time, there are a ton of asterisks that parenting books leave out when you are pregnant.  Such as:

*Your child will never understand the word No.
*Listening will be optional and is typically done when best suited for your child's needs.
*No matter how much you try your kid will learn the swear words you never wanted them to learn and they will use said swear words at the worst possible time.

But those parenting books also never ever mention the amazing, AMAZING bliss that comes when your child comes running into your arms screaming your name because they need a hug, or missed you, or they were scared. 

My little Aaron.
Goodness I could gush until each and everyone of you want to vomit and roll your eyes. 
His little face is like an angel.
And his little devilish ways are soo sooo hidden by that angelic face.
But on his birthday I want to gush to him, even if he cannot read.  I want to gush, and mush his little face and tell him that I am the luckiest Mom in the whole world.
I am lucky.
And just down right proud to be his Mom.
I love every second of your life, even when you are driving me crazy and wearing me out by mid-morning.

Never stop being so unique and opinionated. 
Never stop loving so hard.
And never, ever, EVER lose that light in  your eyes that sees everything as a possibility.

I love you Aaron James. 
And your piggy pops too.