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Things really do happen for a reason....

It was a chilly day in January 2010 when I received an email inquiry from an expectant Mom inquiring about newborn photos.  I remember I was at a stop light and did something I NEVER do when I first get an email inquiry; I picked up the phone.  That may sound strange, but when I get an email inquiry in I 100% of the time reach out for my first touch with an email back to them within 48 hours. 

Libby answered right away, and click.  Seriously, it can be explained as simple as that when I spoke to her, we just clicked.  It has been a little over two years and I my relationship with Libby has planted roots. 

That ONE little email inquiry back in 2010 has defined a new path, with new relationships and friendships.  I find it hard to express in person how thankful I am to Libby and Tommy.  There is no card, or poem, or expression to really convey how blessed I feel that our paths crossed.  I think of that email inquiry often, because for some reason on that morning I changed the way I did things and it open a door .. a gateway of some sort (I know how silly that sounds but it is the best way to explain).  Her and her husband Tommy have been so amazing by believing in my work.  And then there is Tommy's dad, and Mom, and Sister, and Libby's best friend... I can go on, and on.

Libby and Tommy are expecting their second little one any day now and I cannot wait to capture how the next chapter of their life unfolds.  The photos below were taken of their family at two separate occasions.  I kept delaying posting the images because I wanted to create the "perfect" blog post on how to say THANK YOU to them both for being so amazing to my family, especially my boys.  Alas, I don't think I there will ever be an expression of thanks that will be large enough.

so thank you Libby & Tommy for every person you have put in my path ... especially your family and closest friends..


The sweetest lips with the sweetest name.. Meet Baby W - Newborn Photographer

Martha and Leigh are great friends with Erin and John.
Martha and Leigh decided to purchase a gift certificate for a newborn session for Erin and John back in May.
Erin and John were expecting their first child.  A boy.
When I finally got to meet Erin and John after little man was born I got the feeling that stress is not a word in their vocabulary. 
They were both so laid back.
So peaceful.
You would think they were seasoned parents with how amazingly calm they were around their new little man.
I mean look at this nuzzle from Mom.  So much peace and warmth in her face.

And look at those lips!!!

Here are a few more from the session that just makes my heart smile..

Can you just go awhhh with how snuggly he looks here?  I don't share names on my blog because of safety issues, but if you could know his name you would squeal with how perfect it is..

As I do each post, please Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session. 

Thank you Martha and Leigh for introducing me to Erin and John, and there sweet,sweet little man W.

And THANK you Erin and John for handing over little W to me to photograph without even blinking.  He was is heavenly. Keep enjoying every moment!!


Just my kids.. and a cute idea for your kids

I took these over the last couple of weekends.. most were taken during the Memorial Day weekend because I stayed home a ton and just let the boys play..

As a photographer I am riddled with guilt sometimes that my boys hate my camera.  Well, they like to take photos, just not be in photos.  In all honesty though, I do bother them a ton to practice on.. lol..

Before I forget.. a cute idea I have been doing with the boys for a few months now that I have been meaning to share for you to try with your kids, or your nieces, nephews, cousins, etc... Go to the dollar store, or to Target or Walmart.. anywhere that sells disposable cameras and pick one up. 

Give the camera to the child and tell them to have fun taking photos of anything they want.  They don't need to use all the photos in one day (which is never the case with my kids because they use the entire camera in like 15 minutes).

Now, go get the disposable camera developed and prepared to be amazed.  Seriously, you would be amazed what they find to photograph.  It is a great fun, inexpensive idea to have any child be creative. 

I do it once per month with my boys now and the whole project costs me about $15.00 for two disposable cameras and getting the prints developed.  When I get the prints back I gush over how creative they get each month.  My oldest actually lines up shots before he takes them now.  It is adorable!!! 

Okay, so these photos.  I love my kids to death and they are so cute and I miss just taking photos to take photos so I have been more mindful to just snap and not compose.  These are some of my favorite shots I got because of it..

So remember.. take the camera out and don't worry about being technical sometimes.. it is freeing, fun and can turn into some magical memories.. :)

And a pretty, pretty Rainbow!!!

Happy Shooting!!!