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When a client becomes a friend... 

I've often written on this blog how grateful I am to have people wanting "me" to photograph their memories.  It is a feeling that makes my heart smile because I truly love what I do.  But when a client, someone I've never met before becomes a friend, well, that is a bonus to this business that I hold dear to me. 

Please let me introduce you to one of those clients that has turned into a friend....

Gina and I met when her daughter Antonina was born.  She was referred to me by a family member that I had photographed.  I went to her home to capture a newborn session with her family.  (Photos here).   Well fast forward a year, four photo sessions later, and I can safely say that I would invite Gina and her family over to my home for a BBQ because that is how comfortable I feel around her and her family.  I cannot say enough about Gina and her Mom Mary.  They both understand and love custom portraiture and how important it is to capture memories and moments and totally blame me for their addiction to Etsy too!

When my husband became ill in the Spring I had been working on an album from a session I did for them a few weeks back.  I told them that I had to put their project on hold because my family had to come first.  I not only was told don't worry about it, but to take my time.  Do you know that when they received their albums months later that they did not complain once?  I am not only grateful for how they have opened up their arms to me but how they value family and did not fault me once for putting my family first. 

Gina and I may not hang out, or talk on the phone, but I can tell you that there is a bond I have been able to create with her, her son, daughter and Mom that is irreplaceable.  When I go to her home, she opens the door and it is like I am seeing a friend.  

Thank you Gina, Mary & Richie for allowing me to be there to capture such precious moments of Richie and Antonina.  Your patience, and friendship is something I keep tight to my heart. 

Here are my favorite images from two sessions I had last year with their family.. One was from early Spring and the other was capturing Antonina's first birthday.

There are more images from this session over on my Facebook Page..  Click here to see them.. :)


Little Miss L.. 

Over the years I have been lucky to meet so many clients that have allowed me to photograph their children as they grow.  I have been photograph Miss L since she was a teeny tiny newborn.  To date she is still the tiniest newborn I have ever photographed.  Check out how stinking adorable she was as a newborn here...

Over the summer I was lucky enough to take photos of her at Robert Moses beach.  All day her Mom and I were worried it was going to rain because the forecast and some of the sky was a little mean looking.  Once we met at the beach we could not have asked for a better day!!

Here are some of my favorites from our session.  Thank you again Michelle and Kenny.. you guys know how much I adore photographing your little girl!! :)