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Can she be any cuter? Baby Ella - Long Island Newborn Photographer

She was seven days old when I took these photographs.  I cannot tell you how good she was, she did not fuss, or cry or complain.  Please allow me to introduce Baby Ella..

All photos taken with my 50mm with natural light only.  To see more of Baby Ella, please go to my Facebook Fan Page HERE..

Happy Shooting!


Baby C's Big Day - Long Island Infant Photograher

I was lucky enough to photography Baby C when he was first born.  He was an angel that day!  Can you believe I got lucky again when his Mom asked me to do his Christening shots?  I arrived around 1:30 pm in the afternoon and he decided to take a little nap.

First, take a picture of his sweet Christening outfit:

Here are some of my favorite shots I got of him in his outfit while he was sleeping:

About 45 minutes later he woke up and flashed us his amazing blue eyes.  Here are my favorite of Baby C when he was awake!

Thanks so much again Jessica and Charlie for allowing me to photograph your extremely handsome little man!!!  Can't wait for the big party!


What the heck? Finding you takes practice

This week I am going to focus on a comment I received two weeks ago from Amanda at Photo Blyss asked:

"Any tips on using a reflector without an assistant? and if you're really feeling brave: where can i get some self-confidence? how did you start marketing yourself and getting your name out there?"

Amanda, thanks so much for asking such great questions.

Okay, so in regards to using a reflector without an assistant.. it is super easy. Here are my two solutions:

1. If I am photographing a child, I ask Mom or Dad to hold it for me. Parents are great fill-ins as assistants for you, because they want the best photo of their child, so they are more than willing to help.
2. If I am photographing a family or a couple and don't have an extra set of hands I will balance the reflector on a tree, or rock, bench, etc.. basically anywhere that is tall enough to balance the reflector. And if I don't find anything to balance it on, I put the reflector away and find more natural light.

I have to say that I really only use a reflector when I am doing a newborn session or a session inside a home that doesn't not have enough light. I typically forget my reflector when going to beaches or parks. But on the occasion that I do remember, I use those two tricks. There is a stand you can buy that works as reflector holder, but I don't have the extra cash right now to invest in that, and to tell you the truth the little I do use it I probably won't get one. I hope that helps. If anyone has any other reflector tips, please share!!

Now, for the second part of the question:

"Where can i get some self-confidence? how did you start marketing yourself and getting your name out there?"

Self-confidence took me a long time to find.  Truthfully, I still struggle with it except now I just hide it a lot better.  :)  When I first starting having photo sessions with people I did not know it was hard, especially the first session I did that I accepted a full payment.  I wanted to make sure I over delivered, so I took too many pictures and over discounted.  And that is fine, I still over discount, and over deliver.  But I find that with more paying photo sessions, the pressure starts to alleviate a tiny, tiny bit because I can walk into a room, park, beach, etc.. and see the light and know that I will be able to deliver something.  Whereas when I was portfolio building, I struggled and had some horrible sessions. 

You need horrible sessions, and horrible situations (cranky kids, sleepy baby, not sleepy baby, etc) to really grow.  To this day I still practice on family and friends because it gives me the opportunity to practice, and practice may not make perfect, but it builds experience and confidence. 

Then there is my need to over deliver.  I want every friend, client, and family member to walk away being beyond happy with their pictures.  I will re-shoot or do my best to make them happy (turning a photo black & white, or cropping it a certain way, etc). What I won't do though it take photos that are not me.  And what I mean by that is I won't book a photography session if they are expecting a certain look.  I don't do an overly proped session, such as pillars, and fake flowers, etc.  It is just not my style so to shoot in that style will be letting both the client down and myself. 

All in all, to build confidence I say practice.  It has been the number one factor in what has helped me.

And how I started getting my name out there was hard, it still is hard.  But my number one referrals come from word of mouth.  When you do photo sessions with friends, they bring those photos home and others see your work so they tell their friends who they used, and so forth. 

My husband, Mom, Sister and girlfriends have been my BIGGEST marketing team ever.  I cannot tell you that they are always telling people about my passion in photography.  And I can't tell you how many leads have come through that outlet. 

And second to word of mouth marketing has been Facebook.  You need to create a Facebook page for your business and start getting fans.   Ask your friends to become your fan, and then ask them to ask their friends to become a fan.  You will quickly build up a fan base so that when you post new work, they automatically see it in their feeds and your showing them your talent.  Facebook has been great for me in that aspect. 

Whew, sorry for the long post.  To close out this post I just want to say that I am still very much a newbie in the business end of photography.  I still do a ton of portfolio building work so that I continue to challenge myself to hone in on my style.  I have been very lucky to land some awesome clients whom I hope to build long lasting relationships with so that they think of me first when they need a photographer. 

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comment box and I will be sure to email you or make a full post out of your question like I did with Amanda's comment.

Happy Shooting!!!


Eyes that Mesmerize - Long Island Family Photographer - & and a winner!!

It was a beautiful day at Oyster Bay Park on Long Island, I had the best time photographing my girlfriends son and two sweet girls.. Each one of them had eyes so blue that they were mesmerizing!!!  I could have taken pictures of them all day!


And now to annouce the winner of the What the Heck? Friday giveaway!

Thanks so much for waiting for me to annouce the winner of the book: Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent
by Ginny Flech and Allison Tyler Jones

The winner is RACHEL from a Southern Fairytale!!! picked out the winner:

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WOO HOO Rachel!
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Weekly Winners - Lake George Style

Weekly Winners
I am excited to participate in the weekly meme called Weekly Winners hosted by the one and only Lotus.

Last week my husband surprised me with a quick getaway vacation for just the two of us. It was my birthday gift, and it was MUCH needed and welcomed. Neither one of us have ever been to Lake George, so we were interested in seeing the sites. We left this past Thursday and arrived back home Saturday morning.

We stayed at the Sagamore Hotel, which is located in Bolton Landing was first opened in 1883. The hotels history is quite interesting, if you wish, I suggest you click over to the website for the entire story (filled with fires, closing it's doors and celebrating being registered as a Historic Place).

The grounds were wonderful, the food was delicious, and our suite was stunning. My favorite part of the getaway was renting a boat for two hours and touring the huge lake with my husband (a very close second was the alone time and sleeping the hubby and I got in!!) We are now home feeling very rested and getting ready to snuggle with the boys who missed more than words.

I took a ton of pictures (some of which I got up at 5:30 in the morning just to get the sunrise shots-**yeah I have an obession with photography- :-) **), below are some of my favorite:

Back of the Sagamore Hotel (SOOC - w/ web resize)

Side view of hotel at sunrise (SOOC - w/ web resize).

Rooftop view of pool and lake at the hotel (SOOC - w/ web resize).

Dock/Lounge area at the hotel at dusk (SOOC- it was stunning the blue hues on the water)

Lake George at Sunrise - this is the only shot I put a filter on to make the orange and pink hues pop.

The next three shots are of Lake George taken from the boat (all SOOC with web-resizing)

THANKS so much for stopping by!! Today is the last day to enter the book give-away!!
The book is Photographing Children Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent
by Ginny Flech and Allison Tyler Jones.

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Happy Shooting All!!!

PS.. if you want any of the camera settings, please leave it in the comment or email me at kim(at)kimpacephotographyblog(dot)com and I will be happy to share with you, there are just too many pictures and I am heading to go watch a movie with my little men!

PSS.. Thank you DJP.. it was an awesome surprise and wonderful R&R with you.

PSSS.  there are more photos on my Facebook Business Page if you care to see more!!



Summer smiles - Long Island Family Photographer

Recently I was able to photograph a stunning little girl.. She was only 18 months but she acted like a pro in front of the camera.  It was about 90 degrees and really humid but Mom, Dad and Sweet Baby R did great walking around a local arboretum for their family portraits.

Here are a few of my favorite portraits of the day:

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Adorable Family Session - Long Island Photographer

Over the weekend I met up with my girlfriend and her family at local beach on the north end of Long Island.  I had never been to the beach, but I can tell you I will be back.  The backdrop was perfect and smiles were in abundance!!  It was really hard to pick my favorites from the session, so this post will be a little picture heavy, but I actually scaled it down, I was going to put up more!! :)

Thanks again Lori for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!

f/2.8 ss 1/640 iso 100
f/2.8 ss1/320 iso100
f/2.8 ss1/400 iso100
f/2.8 ss1/400 iso100
f/2.8 1/200 iso100
f/2.8 ss1/500 iso100

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Unwinding at Robert Moses Beach

Long Island had a rough Spring.  I believe it rained 23 days in a row.  Our family could barely hold on and wait for summer but thankfully our wait is over.  This past holiday weekend we had an amazing time, and we spent it with one another which was equally as awesome. 

Involved in our weekend we had carnivals, BBQ's, a trip to the Hampton's, a couple of melt downs here and there (from kids AND Mom & Dad) but overall it was one amazing weekend.  

After dinner was made Sunday night, my husband and I decided to unwind one last time before getting back into the mindset of going back to work on Monday.  We decided to pack the kids in the car jump and headed to Robert Moses Beach at dusk.

The boys had a great time running off the last bit of energy they had, and I got to take some pictures.. WIN WIN for all of us.

All photos were taken with my 70-300 at either a 4.5 or a 5.6 in AV mode with an ISO at 400.  All the photos are straight out of the camera, sharpened for web except the last one where I ran Pioneer Woman's Fresh Color action.

And my favorite shot for the day.. 


Precious Baby Boy CTB - Long Island Newborn Photography

Recently I had the opportunity to take photos of my beautiful friend Jessica's newborn son.  Little CTB was my first newborn photo session.  I was anxious, excited and very, VERY nervous.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I read a ton.. studied a lot..practiced on my focus..but I was still a bundle of nerves and truthfully you never know what to expect with a newborn.

When I got to her home Little CTB was WIDE awake which was fine because it took about 20 minutes to set up. Here is what I brought:

A mini heater
Backdrop holder
Bean Bag

Little CTB was not happy getting undressed, and for about 15 minutes he was fussy but we soon realized the little man was a little hungry.  Jessica nursed to him to sleep and he was AMAZING the rest of the photo session.

We were even lucky that his sweet, beautiful little cousin stopped by for the photo session.  She joined Little CTB for a few shots.

Here are a few of my favorite from the session:

Two collages I made of the photos (the backgrounds are not pink, just how it uploaded):


This little bear hat photo is my favorite from the entire day (look at those little lips!!)

Thanks again Jessica and Charlie for allowing me to spend some one on one time with Little CTB.  He is a perfect little angel. 

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