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Ohhhh the cuteness!! Long Island Newborn Photographer

A few weeks back Danielle and Chris contacted me because they received a gift certificate from their cousin so I can take photographs of their newborn daughter.  She was a little older than I normally photograph newborns, but you would never, ever know it!! 

Baby S was sooo adorable and FULL of smiles.  I cannot tell how Baby S never, ever cried.  ever.  She was sooo good and I could not get over her nursery!! Look at this nursery!!!

Can you not EAT this smile up?

Wait what about this one?? CAN YOU STAND IT?? SOOO CUTE!!!

Little S just ate the camera right up and I was loving it!!!

Working the camera!!

Please, PLEASE head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed!!



With Arms Wide Open

Today my husband celebrates his fifth Father's Day.

At my Mom's 60th surprise birthday party last week I overheard my Godmother talking with my Mother-In-Law.  My Godmother was complementing my Mother-in-law on how hands on her son (my husband) is with the boys and how impressed she was that he has fallen into fatherhood so comfortably.  My Mother-in-law opened up to her and said how my husband never knew he wanted kids until he met me and how proud she was of the man and father he has become.

If any of you know me, you know this made me tear up.  Because when I first met my husband he was on the fence on having kids.  I made it very well known to him that kids were a priority to me because I always wanted to be a Mom. 

Here we are now, married six years with two kids.  Yep, he changed his mind.  :)

Our boys are amazing little people.  I love watching how they are exactly like their Dad.  I am forever joking how I was only the host because they act and look nothing like me, they are both clones of their Dad.

And I couldn't be more proud of that.

So today I want to wish my husband a very Happy Father's Day. 

And thank him. 
- for always checking the bumps and bruises because I am such a chicken.
- for taking over when I've reached my Mom limit.
- for teaching them how to slide into home plate.
- for taking off from work to go to Donnie's school to read a book because you know it will make him smile ear to ear.

I could go on and on. 
But thank you Don, for not just being a father, but for being Daddy.

I love you.

** Don, when I found out we were having a boy I heard this song shortly after I told you.   It still makes me cry to this day thinking of how happy you were..

_______________________________________________________________ Happy Father's Day to all you Dads!!!

Just my kids.. and a cute idea for your kids

I took these over the last couple of weekends.. most were taken during the Memorial Day weekend because I stayed home a ton and just let the boys play..

As a photographer I am riddled with guilt sometimes that my boys hate my camera.  Well, they like to take photos, just not be in photos.  In all honesty though, I do bother them a ton to practice on.. lol..

Before I forget.. a cute idea I have been doing with the boys for a few months now that I have been meaning to share for you to try with your kids, or your nieces, nephews, cousins, etc... Go to the dollar store, or to Target or Walmart.. anywhere that sells disposable cameras and pick one up. 

Give the camera to the child and tell them to have fun taking photos of anything they want.  They don't need to use all the photos in one day (which is never the case with my kids because they use the entire camera in like 15 minutes).

Now, go get the disposable camera developed and prepared to be amazed.  Seriously, you would be amazed what they find to photograph.  It is a great fun, inexpensive idea to have any child be creative. 

I do it once per month with my boys now and the whole project costs me about $15.00 for two disposable cameras and getting the prints developed.  When I get the prints back I gush over how creative they get each month.  My oldest actually lines up shots before he takes them now.  It is adorable!!! 

Okay, so these photos.  I love my kids to death and they are so cute and I miss just taking photos to take photos so I have been more mindful to just snap and not compose.  These are some of my favorite shots I got because of it..

So remember.. take the camera out and don't worry about being technical sometimes.. it is freeing, fun and can turn into some magical memories.. :)

And a pretty, pretty Rainbow!!!

Happy Shooting!!!


Sweet Little Girl - Baby E - Nassau County Newborn Photographer

I travel around Long Island to take photos of sweet little newborn, families, children, etc.  Long Island is pretty big and I have no fear driving anywhere on it to go to my sessions.  But ask me to cross over to one of the five boroughs and I panic. 

But look at this face!!!!

How could I pass that up?  Besides, driving to Whitestone was not that bad at all.  Actually, it was fun because I got to have scenery I normally don't get like the Throgs Neck Bridge, and the city sky line. 

Baby E was the perfect little girl.  She let me put bows on her, change blankets without making a peep.  She waited to the end to even fuss she was hungry.

Look at how beautiful this little girl is..

Thank you so, so much to Baby E Mom & Dad for choosing me as their photographer!!!!


Such a little man with such great hair!! Baby Y- Nassau Newborn Photographer

When I first met baby Y he was all bundled up in a little blankie so all you could see was his incredible hair! 

SO ADORABLE!!  How do you NOT say awh to this photo!!  :)

His nursery was such a cute bear theme and Mom asked if I could incorporate one of the stuffed animals they have with little baby Y. I was all "OH MY GOODNESS, how CUTE!!"

See how cute:
Baby Y was such a great little sleeper for me.  Here are some of my other favorites from this session.

Look how tiny!! and that HAIR!!

Look at those lips!!!

Thank you to Baby Y's Mom & Dad for allowing me to photograph their first born!  And thank you to Helena for buying them a gift certificate!!

Please head over to my Facebook page to see more from this session.  Baby Y is that cute, you have to go check him out!! :)


Celebrations are in order... 

I am pretty sure if you look up the definition of any of the following words you will find a reference to my son Aaron.

Wild, Opinionated, Affectionate, Unruly, Snuggable, STUBBORN, Charming

My son Aaron believes that the world revolves around him.  And of course he should think except couple that train of thought with the fact that he thinks he is turning 16 instead of 3.

My son.
My little trouble maker.
My overabundant supplier of hugs.

He turns three today. 

Breathe in and out I tell myself.  I cannot believe that he is turning three.  Last night I looked back on the post I wrote to Aaron last year and my heart melts.  He was just starting to talk.  And now he is talking me in circles.  His blankie is still his best friend, and Mickey Mouse still steals the show in his book.

If you could sit back and just watch him you would see the magic he creates.  Sometimes good magic, sometimes bad magic, and sometimes unbelievable I cannot believe I was so blessed that I am his Mom magic. 

I say it all the time, there are a ton of asterisks that parenting books leave out when you are pregnant.  Such as:

*Your child will never understand the word No.
*Listening will be optional and is typically done when best suited for your child's needs.
*No matter how much you try your kid will learn the swear words you never wanted them to learn and they will use said swear words at the worst possible time.

But those parenting books also never ever mention the amazing, AMAZING bliss that comes when your child comes running into your arms screaming your name because they need a hug, or missed you, or they were scared. 

My little Aaron.
Goodness I could gush until each and everyone of you want to vomit and roll your eyes. 
His little face is like an angel.
And his little devilish ways are soo sooo hidden by that angelic face.
But on his birthday I want to gush to him, even if he cannot read.  I want to gush, and mush his little face and tell him that I am the luckiest Mom in the whole world.
I am lucky.
And just down right proud to be his Mom.
I love every second of your life, even when you are driving me crazy and wearing me out by mid-morning.

Never stop being so unique and opinionated. 
Never stop loving so hard.
And never, ever, EVER lose that light in  your eyes that sees everything as a possibility.

I love you Aaron James. 
And your piggy pops too.


Meet Dominick - A Little Hero - Littlest Heroes Project Photographer Long Island

A while back I applied to become a photographer for a GREAT caused called The Littlest Hero Project.  When I found out I was chosen I was elated.  Then when when a family picked me to photograph their son I was "over the moon!!"

Have you heard of the Littlest Heroes Project?  The Littlest Heroes Project is a non-profit based organization founded in January 2008 by Felicia Reinhard, made up of professional photographers nationwide that provide free photo sessions to our nations Littlest Heroes. Through the power of photography we are giving back and taking a stand for these children who sometimes feel forgotten because of their illnesses. We are here to let them know that they are heroes to many, and to share their inspirational stories and photos with the world.

Here is Dominick's story told from his Mom, Samantha.

"Dominick was born on September 27, 2008.  Truly our miracle baby.  Dominick was in the NICU unit for a suspected inspection when a heart murmur was found.  A heart murmur turned into a routine echo that found Coarctation of the Aorta and Bicuspid Aortic Valve.  Dominick was transported to another hospital where a closed heart surgery was performed.  At 5 months old, a balloon angioplasty was done to reopen the narrowing in his aorta.  Dominick has many small problems with the left side of his heart and will probably need one additional surgery.  Dominick also has a slight case of asthma.  You would never know by looking him.  From the outside, Dominick is happy (always giving a stranger a smile!), playful, loving, and occasionally getting himself into trouble by climbing, playing in dirt and leaves and doing normal boy activities.  He is our everything."

When I met Samantha (Dominick's Mom) she was so warm and friendly.   She started to share her story and I immediately got chills.  Here is a woman that was told her husband has testicular cancer and that they have nine days to get pregnant before he has to start chemo.  Guess what?  They get pregnant that quickly.. Miracle number one. 

Sam says she had a great pregnancy and that her birth experience was great, but then little Dominick was taken away from her to be treated after the heart murmur was found.  My heart just fell.  I could not pretend to understand how she must have felt just watching her husband fight, and now to watch her new little man fight must have been too much to bear.

Yet, you would NEVER know there was anything wrong with little Dominick. Miracle number two.  He was sooo cute, so full of those adorable shy smiles for me.  I could not have asked for a better session.  We were able to go play outside and that is when Dominick let go and let me in.. 

When I drove off and processed how much Samantha and her husband went through it reassured me that miracles are real.  Sam, Dominick and her husband are living proof that miracles do happen.

It was such an amazing gift to be able to give back to this family.  I truly hope Dominick moves mountains as he grows. 

Thank you again Samantha for choosing me to photograph your family.  You all touched my heart and I am forever thankful for it!!

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability, please visit the Littlest Heroes Project website at for more information or to apply for a photo session.


Sweet, Sweet 16 - Suffolk County Long Island Teen Photographer

I met Kim at Flexx Appeal Pilates.  She is the owner of the studio and she is one of those women whom you have an instant bond with because of how funny and straight forward she is with you.  Kim has an almost 16 year old named Jamie. 

Kim talks about her daughter and she glows.  Jamie is a speed walk racing star.  When I met Jamie you can easily see why her Mom is so proud of her.  She is funny, sweet, engaging and so, so beautiful. 

The session was at a local beach on Long Island, and the weather could not have been more perfect.  Below are my favorite from the session.

To see more from this awesome, beautiful session, please head over to my Facebook Fan Page.

Thank you so much Kim for trusting me with your daughter's portraits.  Jamie, thank you for allowing me to photograph you!  I hope we can do it again soon!!


Porcelain Skin, Red Hair and Turning One!! - Suffolk County Long Island Child Photography

I photographed sweet little L during this past holiday season and she was still was just mastering sitting.  Little L's mom contacted me because she is turning ONE!!  What a HUGE milestone! 

I cannot believe how big Little L got, and her personality was so awesome.  Seriously, she was the perfect model.  And take a look at how porcelain her skin is, and that hair color.. stunning!!!

At one point I asked mom if I could take Little L outside and it was hysterical.  She did not want to sit down for a second, she was all "I have freedom, I am outta here.."  It was so adorable. 

Thank you so much Lisa for contacting me to take your beautiful daughters portraits. 

Here are my favorite from the session.  Head over to Facebook to see lots more!!

This photo melts my heart.. I love it!


16 Never looked so beautiful. Suffolk County Long Island Photographer

A friend of mine has a daughter that just turned 16.  16!!  That is like eight lifetime's ago for me.  I was blown away from how mature Brandi was and how she is so focused on her future. 

Brandi and I went to a Bayard Cutting Arboretum last Friday.  It was a glorious day.  The sun was out, it was warm, flowers are starting to bloom.  It truly was a beautiful day.

I literally shot the entire session in about a half an hour.  It was just that easy with her. She was so comfortable in front of the camera.  Here are some of my favorite from the day.  Make sure you head over to my Facebook Fan page to check out the rest!!  :)