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Sleepy little boy with the cutest little lips... Long Island Newborn Photography

Meet Little M. 


And look at how beautiful his Mama is:

And how loved this little boy is:

He was the sleepest little newborn and looks super adorable with those super cute little lips..

Thank you to Ingrid and Marcus for trusting Beatrice's recommendation to choose me to photograph your little man's first professional portraits.  I had such a great time and you made me so very welcomed in your home!


A baby brother makes four... 

Alyssa is one of those girls who have it all together.  Her family is beautiful, she is madly in love with her husband, she runs her own business and is a super sweet person whom happens to be flawlessly beautiful.

See example A:

Her daughter is equally as beautiful, see example B & C:

Then comes little baby brother who has the sweetest little face:

And because Daddy loves the Yankees.. little man does too!!

Thank you Alyssa for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family.  I am so thankful to have been able to photograph Little W first photos..


Brothers always make me smile... 

As a mom of two boys I love seeing the relationship building between my sons.  Most days they argue and fight over whose toy it is, or whose turn it is, but the moments when they get along, pure bliss.  My youngest emulates every single thing my oldest does so when I met Michelle's boys I noticed it was not different.

Michelle's youngest idolizes his big brother.  The photo below is one of my favorites ever taken because it shows the bong between both of them and it makes me smile..

The whole family is just so adorable!

Thank you so much Michelle for choosing me to photograph your adorable family!! It was so much fun working with your boys!

For more photos from this session head over to my Facebook Page.  :)


Elementary Flash Back

I have known Leon since I was --> <--- that little.  Way before crows feet and kids came along.  There is a common bond you share with friends that you have known before you even knew who you were.

And old school friends accept you for who you are.  I mean Leon has seen my big hair, long black trench leather jacket days and he still speaks to me!

When I first photographed Leon's family it was right when I first identified my style.  I was still ironing out the kinks but I managed to get photographs they loved.  When he contacted me to photograph his family again this year I was ecstatic.  I mean I am still growing as a photographer, but I don't feel as paralyzed as I first did when I photographed his family the first time.

Let me just talk to you a bit of Leon and Patty's boys.  They are all sorts of funny.  Here are three boys so very dynamically different but who mesh so well that they are almost like a comedy routine. 

And? They totally have me convinced that they like me. LOL

Look at how handsome they are!

And here are Mom and Dad.. I so love this photograph of them..

Can you hear them laughing?  Makes me smile!!

This photo is one of my favorite from the day..

I want to thank Leon, Patty and their very cool little men.  I had a great time re-connecting with you again and I can't wait to see you guys soon!

If you want to see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan Page.  :)


Me, Me, and Me... oh and Me

I have blogged on and off now for three years.  It is something that is super addicting to me which makes no  sense because I am literally the worst writer ever.  No seriously, if my blog posts were graded I would get the big ol' "F" on each one.  (if my friend Angie is reading this I totally know she is shaking her head!!)

My blog.  Ugh, I hate the word blog.  You mention you have a blog and you get the look.  And for those of you who blog you know exactly what that look is like.  Kinda like the look Nina Katz gave Carrie Bradshaw in the bathroom in Season 5.  If you were obsessed with Sex and the City like I was you totally get that sentence, but if not, you can move along to the next paragraph. lol

This blog here has taken on various overhauls.  I can never make up my mind. I love the idea of being real and who I am, but I also like the keep it professional side too.  However, I am jumping ship to the more personal side of me for now.  For a while anyway.  I want you to get a sense who I really am, and not just the posts about how amazing my client sessions were.

To kick off things off I am going to present you with random Kim-ism's so you can get to know me both professionally and personally.

~ I love how library books smell.  (random why that was my first share, but lets go with that).

~ I never really know where anything is.  This drives my husband insane because I will send him 14 other places to look before I finally remember where "it" really is.

~ Before every photo session I still get super nervous and wonder why anyone hires me. 

~ Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Lattes are laced with some sort of crack.  They are ADDICTING!

~ Being 5'11" you are never considered "cute".  I am WAY to big of a girl to be cute.

~ I quote movies all day long.  To myself.  Because if I said them out loud people would be giving me that Nina Katz look I mentioned earlier.  Just to prove the point, there is a quote from Duece Bigalow, Male Gigolo that I would totally say to my previous random fact but I won't say it for fear of Google slapping me on the "potty mouth" blog list. 

~ I used to make my Mom video tape a cartoon called "Pepper Ann" so I could watch them when I got home from work.  I was 25.  Thankfully now we have DVR and I can hide my inner child and catch up on all the iCarly's I miss all on my own.  (that Spencer is so nutty!!)

~ Reading makes me happy.  I love to read.  Though now I know you don't believe me after that last random fact right?

~ Reality TV is 85% of what I watch.  I am addicted.  Throw "Real Housewives" in front of any city and you can probably bet I am watching it (though I am sooo out on DC and Georgia.. LOL)

~ Cooking.  blah.  It gives me chills thinking about it.  If I had my way everyone would live off of Chai Tea Lattes, or have a personal chef.  Now I know why my Mom would hand us boxes of cereal when I was a kid and say dinner is served. 

~ Kraft macaroni and cheese is the cheesiest.  Velvetta is just wrong and tastes like Elmer's glue.

~ I secretly hope one of my boys falls in love with photography. 

~ If given free time you will find me napping.  Napping is underrated.  A great nap totally triumphs things like, hmm, the fall sale that is going on at Lucky Brand Jeans. (which is amazing by the way!!)

~ I own at least 26 pairs of jeans.  No lie.  And some of them are like 15 years old.  I know, I know, but old school Gap Long and Lean are like magic pants and I will never part with them.

Okay, maybe I will stop here.  Only because the Housewife of NJ reunion special is on (see fact #9 )

**just a small side note, I am doing a What the Heck? post on Friday.  If anyone has any other questions you want to ask me about photography please feel free to email at  I always keep who wrote the question anonymous, so if you worried about that, now you don't have to be!!


Thank goodness for Facebook - Long Island Family Photographer

I love Facebook for so many reasons but my number one reason it has introduced me to so many long lost friends, and to new amazing photography clients. 

Meet the "M Family".  Now, the "M Family" was the best of both worlds.  I went to school with Jenn and Paul.  Like way back in the day, junior high school.  And what is so crazy, they live like right about the block from me and know so many of the same people. 

I was extremely honored to come to their home and photograph their ridiculously cute family.  When Jenn told me they had a ten year old boy I was nervous.  Sometimes boys at that age get shy in front of the camera but Lil' P proved me w.r.o.n.g!!!

Look at this face - a true smile!!!  And then when I asked him for a serious face, he nailed it again.. How handsome right?  And he helped me with some tips on how to get "the dark dude" in Harry Potter.  Score!
Now meet "G".  She was hysterical.  Giving her brother rabbit fingers behind his head while we did family shots, telling me all about her friends and that she is on Team Jacob.  I told her I would still like her because  I am soooo Team Edward!  :P  Her bedroom was amazing.  Right down to a mini chandelier on the ceiling.  She also allowed me to photograph her and her best friend since she was little, little.

And, now, please let me introduce little O.  She is two.  Two and so full of personality she kept me rolling.  She was so incredible taking directions on where to stand, where to look, and how to sit.  Did I mention she is two?  Umm.. that usually never happens!  She adores, I mean ADORES her brother and sister. And the girl knows how to rock a tutu!!

Can you stand how cute they all are together?

And check out how adorable they all are together!
Umm.. wow did I ramble on this post.. what can I say, I had a great time.  Thanks so much Jenn and Paul for a GREAT photo session. 

To check out additional photos from this session (yes, there are so many other great ones!!) Head over to my Facebook Fan Page.


Little Man J Makes Turning One Look So FUN! Suffolk County Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I met little J.  He was shy at first, didn't want Mommy to be to far away.  That is when Mommy really turned on her Mommy powers and little J opened up with smiles!!  She even jumped on the bed with him to make him belly laugh!!  How awesome is she?

Little J was fast.  Like lightening fast!  He was all go go go.. But I managed to get some super cute photos of the little man. 

Look at those eyes!!!!! All natural!!

There are so many other cute ones from this session with Little J.. Please head over to my Facebook fan page and check them out.

And lastly, thank you Christine!!! I had a great time photograhing your very handsome little man!!!