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Summer smiles and a boy turning two.. 

I have to admit that posting summer sessions in the middle of winter is putting a smile on my face.  It is 19 degrees outside yet I can remember how warm and humid it was when I arrived at Christine's home over the summer. 

To say I was elated when Christine contacted me to photograph Jack's second birthday photos is an understatement!  I had photographed Jack when he turned one, and he was so shy with me, but I was so in love with the images.  Now Jack is TWO!!! I cannot believe how much he has grown over the past year.  He was so funny and adorable, and still a bit shy with me. 

This is my favorite image of him from the session.  He is so attached to his little bunny.

My heart melts with this photo of the three of them..

He sure loves his Mom..

And his Dad..

Christine and Tom, thank you so much for allowing me to photography your precious son.  He is so angelic and adorable.  It is always so much fun catching up with you!!

For more images of this session head over to my Facebook page.. :)


Two Sisters + One Brother = Precious Sweetness

It was a perfect morning for photographs.  I had never been to this park, but it was right on the bay and had the best of both worlds.... green, green lush grass areas with a beach and a bay.

I met T, A & J for the first time.  Little A is 17 months and she adores her big sister and brother.  I mean truly adores them..

Then there is T.  She is simply one word.  Stunning.

Then there was J.  He was hysterical.  He tried bargaining out of taking his photographs.  But in the end I won.  Look at how adorable he is... he looks like a professional model with this pose..

Take a look at Baby A and how adorable she is in this dress..

The one thing I did not mention about this morning is that we were only at this park for about 15 minutes or so because the mosquitoes were attacking the kids something awful.

This photograph was seriously one were I was like "Okay, sit, here, here and here".. snapped the picture and had Mom and Dad run them back to the truck because they were being attacked!!

But I will say I love how the end result was captured..

Thank you so much Caroline and Danny!! I truly loved photographing your beautiful family!

I posted the other fabulous photographs from this session over on my Facebook Page.. go check them out! :)


My Camera Eats Their Little Faces Up!!! Long Island Family Photographer

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  It is not even a job in my eyes because I truly love, love, love taking photographs. 

I photographed the "T" family last year for their daughter's second birthday.  Little "L" stole the show.  Seriously, her porcelain and her auburn hair color (amazing!!)  Mom was pregnant at the time and said after the session that she would contact me when her second child was born.  Well she did and I cannot wait to share with you all. 

Little L's little brother has the most amazing eyes.. (there is nothing done to them.. totally his color!!)

And sweet, funny, full of personality "L"

And can you stand this little attitude??

I have so many others that I am going to share on Facebook, so if you want to see, please go check them out!!

Thank you so much again Nerissa and John for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!!!!