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Our Giant Friend

It is a shame how little I showcase our amazing dog.  I plan to photograph him a ton more because I realized he really makes the most hilarious expressions. 

Our Dexter is a mush.  Which is hysterical because he is so intimidating looking.
I believe he thinks he is a 8 pound lap dog when in reality he weighs close to what I weigh at 5'11".
My boys drive him crazy by constantly chasing him or accidently poking him in the eye when they pet him.  (But I will chuckle because he gets them back by munching on their action figures if left on the floor).
He is constantly tripping me because like I said he believes he is tiny and tries to get under my legs when I walk.
To say he hates the rain is an understatement. 
But snow.  Snow he loves.

Exhibit A:

Love you Dexter!!! (and thank you for always waking up Daddy to let you out in the morning!! )