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The smiles that steal and own my heart.. 

You know when you look at your kids and you cannot believe they are yours?  Yah, that feeling that causes all sorts of emotion from joy, gratifying, blessed and straight to fear.  Being a Mom is something I have never taken lightly.  Of course I get cranky, stressed and have begged my kids to "just stop talking for five minutes" but break it down and there is nothing more fulfilling knowing my arms are the ones these two angels run to each and everyday..

(our "official" holiday photo) :)

I've said it before.. and I will say it again.. their smiles heal..

I hope that each of you get to spend an uber amount of time with your loved ones and that you find your face hurting from laughing so much.

From my family to yours.. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the moments of this divine holiday.