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Thank goodness for Facebook - Long Island Family Photographer

I love Facebook for so many reasons but my number one reason it has introduced me to so many long lost friends, and to new amazing photography clients. 

Meet the "M Family".  Now, the "M Family" was the best of both worlds.  I went to school with Jenn and Paul.  Like way back in the day, junior high school.  And what is so crazy, they live like right about the block from me and know so many of the same people. 

I was extremely honored to come to their home and photograph their ridiculously cute family.  When Jenn told me they had a ten year old boy I was nervous.  Sometimes boys at that age get shy in front of the camera but Lil' P proved me w.r.o.n.g!!!

Look at this face - a true smile!!!  And then when I asked him for a serious face, he nailed it again.. How handsome right?  And he helped me with some tips on how to get "the dark dude" in Harry Potter.  Score!
Now meet "G".  She was hysterical.  Giving her brother rabbit fingers behind his head while we did family shots, telling me all about her friends and that she is on Team Jacob.  I told her I would still like her because  I am soooo Team Edward!  :P  Her bedroom was amazing.  Right down to a mini chandelier on the ceiling.  She also allowed me to photograph her and her best friend since she was little, little.

And, now, please let me introduce little O.  She is two.  Two and so full of personality she kept me rolling.  She was so incredible taking directions on where to stand, where to look, and how to sit.  Did I mention she is two?  Umm.. that usually never happens!  She adores, I mean ADORES her brother and sister. And the girl knows how to rock a tutu!!

Can you stand how cute they all are together?

And check out how adorable they all are together!
Umm.. wow did I ramble on this post.. what can I say, I had a great time.  Thanks so much Jenn and Paul for a GREAT photo session. 

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