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Boys being boys.. does it get any better?

It has been so long since I blogged a session!! I have been busy, busy, busy!  Which is so awesome but it left me so little time to show off how amazing the sessions have been that I have been photographing.

Back in October I met Valerie and her boys at Belmont Park. I love it there because there is so much variety for photos and I knew I was photographing three boys so I had to keep it interesting.  I can admit now I was a little nervous.  My own boys hate getting their photos taken so I was crossing my fingers that I was able to make them smile a little.

BOY, was I ever wrong for being nervous.  Look at them.. I mean they were born for the camera..

And not only did they nail every shot.. but they laughed AND had fun!

There are sooo many more that are my favorite from this session.  If you head over to my Facebook Fan page you can see them!! 

Thank you Valerie and Jason for choosing me to photograph your boys.  They were charming, funny, and could not have been more receptive to me.


Lollipop, Lollipop... 

As I walked around the park with A & C's Mom she shared her story.  A story that just melts your heart and makes you realize that she was put on the earth to spread good.  Her little girls were full of laughter and light.  We had such a great time walking around the park.

What I love when I photograph siblings is that the younger one is always trying to emulate the older.  I find it so endearing and heart warming. 

Look at the sister sweetness here..

And how they gazed out onto the lake together..

Look at these curls!!

And this light in her hair!! LOVE IT..

And they LOVED the lollipops I gave them at the end of their session..

Thank you so much Elizabeth for allowing me to photograph your beautiful daughters.  :)

To see more from this session, head over to my Facebook Fan Page..