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Smiles, giggles and a bee sting...Oh My.. 

Updating my blog with images from sessions I captured last year really makes me happy because it brings me back to the session and how much fun we had and the images I captured. 

Lucky is an understatement with the M Family.  The kids think I am cool, and Mom and Dad are so laid back that it is not even a job to me.  The entire session goes so quickly and I never ever feel that pressure of "Did I get the shot?" because I know that the M Family cannot take a bad photo. 

Miss K had made her communion a few weeks prior to this session and she was so excited to wear her gorgeous dress again.  She looks like a little angel here..

Then you have her little brother that is NEVER afraid to be the most charming little man ...

And then meet their super sweet, full of smiles baby sis..

Then you get them all together and they produce this magic..

It was right before that photo that a bee stung the bottom of my foot!!! OUCH!!! Now anyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE baby when it comes to bee stings, but I kept my composure because I didn't want to have the kids get afraid.  However, it HURT!! wahhhh.. who said photography is not a hazerdous profession.  :)

Here is one more of my favorite images from the session. 

Head over to my Facebook page to check out many more adorable photos from this session.

Thank you Danielle and Jim.  I adore your children and I am honored to photograph them!!


Brothers always make me smile... 

As a mom of two boys I love seeing the relationship building between my sons.  Most days they argue and fight over whose toy it is, or whose turn it is, but the moments when they get along, pure bliss.  My youngest emulates every single thing my oldest does so when I met Michelle's boys I noticed it was not different.

Michelle's youngest idolizes his big brother.  The photo below is one of my favorites ever taken because it shows the bong between both of them and it makes me smile..

The whole family is just so adorable!

Thank you so much Michelle for choosing me to photograph your adorable family!! It was so much fun working with your boys!

For more photos from this session head over to my Facebook Page.  :)