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My first "publication"!!

Today was an average day.  I started the day like every other.  Make sure the kids eat, get dressed and get out the door.  Run to my Moms house so that she can take my boys to the movies and I can make returns.  After hitting up Target for some new storage bins, I took my Mom and the boys out to lunch. 

Then we all drove home.  A totally average day.

I walked in the house and saw a package on the counter with my name on it.  The second I saw the return address I got giddy.  Earlier in the year I had taken photographs of a woman that was writing a book geared for children.  She had been following my blog and wanted me to take her book jacket photo.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity. 

The brown paper packaging laid on the floor and I screeched!! I ran to my husband to show him my name next to her image. My first official mention in a real publication.  (insert me doing the running man happy dance!!)

Jennifer's book The Write Start - A Guide to Nurturing Writing at Every Stage, from Scribbling to Forming Letters and Writing Stories is fabulous.  I am actually going to do one of the activities with my "Speller" tomorrow and paint one of the basement walls in chalkboard paint.  There are writing ideas in it for traveling with kids, to have your kids make your own autographh book, how to pretend to be a private eye, etc.  The book is so adorable.   Oh, and Jennifer also writes an amazing blog called The Write Start.

Thank you so much Jennifer for this entire experience. I wish you uber amounts of success and joy with the book! :)  (and your card made me beam the entire day!)

Jennifer's book!

My name next to Jennifer's image!!!

(I'm still doing the running man happy dance!)


Our Giant Friend

It is a shame how little I showcase our amazing dog.  I plan to photograph him a ton more because I realized he really makes the most hilarious expressions. 

Our Dexter is a mush.  Which is hysterical because he is so intimidating looking.
I believe he thinks he is a 8 pound lap dog when in reality he weighs close to what I weigh at 5'11".
My boys drive him crazy by constantly chasing him or accidently poking him in the eye when they pet him.  (But I will chuckle because he gets them back by munching on their action figures if left on the floor).
He is constantly tripping me because like I said he believes he is tiny and tries to get under my legs when I walk.
To say he hates the rain is an understatement. 
But snow.  Snow he loves.

Exhibit A:

Love you Dexter!!! (and thank you for always waking up Daddy to let you out in the morning!! )


Portraits + Canvas = Big Happy Smiles

I say that every home should own at least one canvas of their favorite portrait.  The impact of the image is magnified and the portrait is instantly turned into art.

 Two weeks before Christmas the canvas I ordered for my Mom was delivered.  I feverishly (and carefully) opened it.  I never imagined the image of my Mom and my sisters would make me sit and stare with tears in my eyes.  I am so thankfully my husband was able to capture this image for me on Thanksgiving.. and so was my Mom.

Why not try and turn one of your favorite images into a canvas?  You won't be disappointed. I promise.



The smiles that steal and own my heart.. 

You know when you look at your kids and you cannot believe they are yours?  Yah, that feeling that causes all sorts of emotion from joy, gratifying, blessed and straight to fear.  Being a Mom is something I have never taken lightly.  Of course I get cranky, stressed and have begged my kids to "just stop talking for five minutes" but break it down and there is nothing more fulfilling knowing my arms are the ones these two angels run to each and everyday..

(our "official" holiday photo) :)

I've said it before.. and I will say it again.. their smiles heal..

I hope that each of you get to spend an uber amount of time with your loved ones and that you find your face hurting from laughing so much.

From my family to yours.. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the moments of this divine holiday.


Wasn't it just yesterday we were in third grade? 

So you're in third grade, learning about school stuff never thinking that in a million years you would ever be parents right? 

Well I have known Justin since the third grade.. see exhibit A (we are the ones with the big white arrows pointed at our heads):
Fast forward a few decades later and we are both parents. Crazy how fast time flies because it was literally just yesterday we were all in Mr. Kaplans class trying not to kill the guinea pig.  (whoever cut my hair like that should have never had a beauticians license.)

Justin couldn't make the session because he was out playing hockey with his friends, but I finally got to meet the Mrs. Justin and she was so easy to chat with and didn't seem to mind that I asked her kids to take off their jackets in 40 degree weather! (thanks Melissa!! )

The boys look just like Dad:

And their baby girl looks just like Mom:

What was adorable about Melissa & Justin kids is that they really, really liked taking pictures with one another.. It was really sweet to watch out Big Brother was always looking out for his baby Sis.  Can you hear her laughing in these photos?

I love this one of the their little guy.. so pensive:

Look how sweet they all are:

And how silly they can be:

Thanks so much Melissa (it was so great getting to meet you!) and Justin! Your children are adorable and they didn't mind my camera at all!! 

To see more from this session head over to my Facebook Fan page.


Sometimes awhhhh is all that is needed.. Baby J and Big Sis M

Kami and I have been friends for yeeearrrss.  We used to work together and have a ton of laughs.  She used to make me laugh making fun of me doing my knee slap when I laugh.  And now that my youngest does the knee slap when he laughs it makes me think of her all the time because it really does look funny.  LOL

Over the years we kept in touch through Facebook but it has been hard to get together because of well .. life.  But when she contacted me to take photos of her new little daughter I was so excited.  I get to see her and her older daughter and take newborn photos of their newest family member. WIN WIN!!

Baby J was such a good model. She slept, and then slept and then slept some more! 

Look at the lip!

and doesn't she look so comfortable here?

Baby J's big sister is stunning!  Look at how beautiful she is..

I love this photo of the two girls..

And I have to share one more of my favorites.. How cute is this little one?

Thank you so much Kami and Todd for allowing me to photograph your princesses!! 

To check out more from this session head over to my Facebook fan page.  :)


Christmas Magic 

I bet right now you know at least three people that donate time, money or toys during the holiday season.

I bet you know someone that lends a hand at the local soup kitchens giving meals to families that go without. 

And I bet you too at one point have lent a hand to help a family member or a friend.

I have seen charity pooled together on Facebook.
I have seen it at Make-a-wish foundation with the kids.
I have seen it at my kids school.

Charity.  Giving back.  Donations.

People want to help.  And thank goodness for that.  Because paying it forward, charity, donations, etc is what helps repair faith.

I don't care what kind of religion you believe in, we all need some sort of faith.

Last year I joined an organization called Help Portrait.  A photographer friend of mine (Joanne Henig) and myself donated our photography services  to a local women's shelter.  It is a feeling inside of me that I can still recall today.

This year, Joanne (owner of Long Island Photo Gallery) led the organization and created an awesome Help Portrait Team to participate in St. Patrick's Parish in Bay Shore Christmas event.  Every year St. Patrick church selectes families to participate in providing a warm meal, a visit from Santa, and toys to EVERY.SINGLE.CHILD.  Our team donated their time and talent to provide every family with a beautiful portrait.

I could not have worked with a better team of photographers on this event.  Each of us walked away feeling like we made each family smile a little brighter this holiday season. 

Thank you so much St. Patrick's Parish for hosting an event that filled every child with the magic of Christmas.  I cannot imagine the time and effort it must have taken to have pulled off such an amazing event.

Lastly, thank you to Joanne, Jessica, Mark, Rod, Bob, and Joe.  It was like we have all worked together a million times prior.  I enjoyed sharing our stories and experiences.  I hope we can all work together on this project again next year.



A simple thought for today.. 

I promise to keep this post short and sweet!

This evening I came across a quote while reading another blog and it hit home:

"Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it.
-- Ralph Marston"

I read that quote.  And then I read it again.  And again. 

As I wind down for my last few photo session this week I cannot thank my friends and new client/friends that chose me to photograph your families... OH.. and thank you to the few that read my silly blog.  Reflecting back over the next two weeks of 2010 is leaving me such a personal high that I cannot fully express without sounding like an uber corn ball.

So simply put from me to you today is .. thank you.

(image is from last year...but I am showing it because it is sooo cold in NY that seeing this picture just makes me feel a little warmer) :)


Best Job in the WORLD!!

I know I have mentioned it here a BA-Gillian times, but I really do have the best job in the world.  You see earlier this year Libby contacted me to photograph her new little man, baby T (<--click on that link).  And baby T was the squishiest baby everrrr.. and to date he is still the biggest little newborn I have photographed.  (and between you and I, he is the cutest toddler with the best cheeks everrrr!!)  :)

Well, Libby was so laid back and awesome during our session recommended me to her sister-in-law Christy.  And when I met Christy it was if she had known me for years.  She allowed me to come to her home, re-arrange her furniture, prop her newborn in baskets and allowed her oldest to have some bribe candy at 11:00 am!!  It made the session so at ease and I cannot be more thankful for it! 

Christy's boys were so easy and heavenly.  You can see in her older sons eyes that Mommy is the light of his world.  It was adorable to watch.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.. I hope they make you smile!

Just in time for Santa!

I love this shot of little man T.

Thank you so much Christy for opening your home!  And thank you, THANK YOU Libby!

If you want to see more photos from this session head on over to my Facebook Fan page!! :)


Boys being boys.. does it get any better?

It has been so long since I blogged a session!! I have been busy, busy, busy!  Which is so awesome but it left me so little time to show off how amazing the sessions have been that I have been photographing.

Back in October I met Valerie and her boys at Belmont Park. I love it there because there is so much variety for photos and I knew I was photographing three boys so I had to keep it interesting.  I can admit now I was a little nervous.  My own boys hate getting their photos taken so I was crossing my fingers that I was able to make them smile a little.

BOY, was I ever wrong for being nervous.  Look at them.. I mean they were born for the camera..

And not only did they nail every shot.. but they laughed AND had fun!

There are sooo many more that are my favorite from this session.  If you head over to my Facebook Fan page you can see them!! 

Thank you Valerie and Jason for choosing me to photograph your boys.  They were charming, funny, and could not have been more receptive to me.