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Wordless Wednesday - Chillin


Weekly Winners - First Edition - :)

I am excited to start participating in the weekly meme called Weekly Winners hosted by the one and only Lotus.
So Serious
I wanna be like my brother
Making art
Ready to play
Lotus is the wonderful hostess of Weekly Winners. Please be sure to check out her amazing photos and everyone else that participates in this wonderful weekly meme.

Bird On A Wire

Captured outside my window on the mess of branches that are still bare.


The coolest little dude in the world

Only real "Men" can pull this off.. :)



The Silence of Fresh Snow

Last Monday I awoke to gorgeous scenery.  It had snowed lightly, but it covered everything.  I was eager to get on the road to see if I could go to a local park which is on the way to my job. 

I kissed the kids and my husband goodbye and skipped out of the house.  I drove cautiously, but quickly because I wanted to catch the quietness of the park.

Or so I thought.

When I arrived the park there were about 20 other cars.  As I started to walk to the lake I saw about 15 other photographers with their tripods all with the same idea.  To capture the silence.

It was serene.  I took as many pictures as I could being it was about 11 degrees outside and I was in my work clothes.(which meant I was freezing!!)

When I drove to work I quickly uploaded the photos and I was surprised with how much I liked a couple of them.

Even though I was happy with the photos, I realized that "next" snow fall I will do things a little different by:

-wearing my comfy warm Ugg boots
-bring gloves
-and a scarf
AND A TRIPOD!!  What was I thinking not bringing my tripod?  I did use the typical tricks of not having a tripod, like holding my breath when I press/release the shutter or used the trunk of a tree to steady the camera.

My camera settings were on aperture priority with the setting at 11/ISO at 200.  (being in aperture priority the camera picked the shutter speed and I still have to train my eye to see what it chose because one day it will help me shoot completely manual).

Here are my favorite shots of the day:
***FYI-I currently do all my edits in Photoshop CS2. I don't know much YET, but I am trying each day to teach myself a new trick.
This shot I just bumped up the contrast a bit to darken the tree trunks.

This photo I had to make adjustments to the highlights and shadows because it was very very gray. I also used unsharp mask on this photo to defog the photo. You can read here on a GREAT tip on defogging your photo. lighthousebelmont

I used the defog tip on this photo as well and then bumped the contrast to give some depth.
Belmont Lake Ducks- January Greeblepix!

It has been officially a week since I last touched my camera. Sigh. I hope that changes soon as it is supposed to snow again this week. **crossing fingers!!**


Pushing forward

I have yet to do anything with this site.  My big plans for a launch did not go as planned.  I am tweaking here, tweaking there.  Basically dragging my feet, which I do best.

Recently I came across a cool new website that offers free photoshop brushes.  The site is called Brusheezy.  Did I mention that they are FREE?

A little later this afternoon I am going to photograph my girlfriends son.  He is such a peanut, I am excited to see if I can apply any skill to the photos.  I will post the good, the bad and the ugly here as soon as I get a chance.


Making it official

Today I launch and actually tell the world I am doing this, whatever this is.

My goal with this new blog:

share my photos
share any tips I find invaluable
share new work I admire

I want a place I can use to focus on the new part of me that NEEDS photography as an outlet. 

So if you ever have a question on what lens I used, or how to I edit my photos, just email me or leave me a comment. 

I want to share anything I can with anyone willing to learn. 
I don't know it all.
And still have so far to go on this journey, but I have found helping hands along my path and hope to pass what others have shown me, to you.

There is a link on the side navigation bar that will show you others I am inspired by, or places I go for tips.  Feel free to look around. You will see that the talent on that page is amazing!


Taking a Leap

I am taking a leap of faith with Kim Pace Photography.

There are no goals.

No Ambitions.

I just want to witness and capture memories.

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