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Wordless Wednesday - Long Island Rail Road Tracks


f/1.4 ss/1/400 iso 100
f/1.4 ss/1/200 iso 100


Baby Hunter Helps Me Again

A while back I did a practice photo session with my great friend Brandy's son Hunter.  I was beyond tired when I did the session, which in turn made me forget to check my settings.  I left my ISO at 800 the ENTIRE time.  Every cute shot had a ton of noise leaving all of the photos unusable for my portfolio.

Two weeks ago I was able to schedule some time with little Hunter again, this time I remembered to check the ISO and all the settings.  Except this time I forgot to check the lines of the shot, and the background distractions.

Here we have a wonderful shot of Hunter.. I love the clarity, the connection he has with the camera, the composition.. I truly love it all.. EXCEPT the baseboard running through the shot.  Not a deal breaker in my eyes, but it will never be able to go on a Canvas print. **edited to say I am the WORST at the clone tool.. so I don't clone, but if anyone has a great tutorial, please share!!  :)

I love the fuzziness of the background.. also known as Bokeh..

And then there is my love of the piggy pops of babies.. and Hunter has some awesome piggy pops..

Hunter looks just like Daddy in this shot..

I love the love in his face playing with Mommy.

And then there is the best outtake picture .. it is super cute and the look on his face is priceless.. "Lady, are you crazy taking MORE pictures of me". 

Lastly is a picture that I just thought was sweet..

Overall it was a wonderful practice session.  Hunter was GREAT and it is always nice to practice, practice, practice.  The more I practice, the better I am for my real photo sessions.  So thank you Brandy and Hunter for being awesome!! I cannot wait to photograph you again Baby Hunter!!


The Tee Ball Set

This week my little guy started tee ball and I could not be more excited.  I swear he was born with a bat in his hand the way he connects with a ball.  Over this past week he had his first game, his first parade, and his first opening day game. 

Needless to say I had a ton of Mom tears behind my sunglasses.  I know it sounds so corny, but watching him march in a parade with his new teammates, and run across the field as they announced his teams name was to much for this Moms heart.  His little face beamed with pride.

We still have eight weeks left of tee ball so I am sure this will not be the last post with tee ball pictures, but today I am sharing my favorite shots of the week.

And then here is a shot of my youngest son looking too enthusiastic about sitting in the cold as his mom ran around like a nut with her camera.


Birthday Wishes

I went to this sweet little girls birthday party this weekend as a guest not a photographer, and it was so much fun. Little Miss had a pink tutu dress with black patent shoes.  It was hard to get a straight shot of the her because she was chased by the paparazzi all afternoon.

Happy Birthday Little Miss Peyton!! I hope you dreamed really big as made your first wish and blew out your birthday candle.


Wordless Wednesday - Icy



Weekly Winners - 3rd Edition

Oh so mellow yellow

f/5 ss:1/100 iso:100 focal length:50mm

My modification of Cake Pops that I found on Bakerella - an awesome blog for sweets

Dying to be hidden
f/2.8 ss:1/80 iso:320 focal length:50mm

 f/2.8 ss:1/40 iso:400 focal length:50mm



Wordless Wednesday - Creepy Lawn People

f/5 ss:1/125 iso:100 focal: 50mm - texture added on top with a boost of color for dramatic touch.

f/4.5 ss:1/125 iso:100 focal: 50mm- texture added on top to increase creepy feel. Color is sooc.


Yet another reason I love photography

The past couple of days I have been sick. Like sick sick. Like the sickest I have been in years. I laid in bed for four days. That is four days without playing with the boys. Or going to work. And worse; it was four days without using my camera. While I was laying around I decided to look at some of my old photos.

The few photos below made me smile while I was laying around during those four days. They made me smile and laugh remembering the day I took them. So for no reason, here are some photos that made me smile while I was sick sick sick.

This is a photo of my youngest.. the focus is blurry but his smile shines through..

f/13 ss:1/200 iso:200

This is my oldest running around at Grandma's with his cousins.. the look on his face alone makes me giggle..

f/3.5 ss:1/1000 iso:200

 This one is of my sweet little nephew.

f/7.1 ss:250 iso:200

My Grandmother was belly laughing here.. this picture makes me laugh out loud remembering how big she was laughing.
f/4.5 ss:1/20 iso:800

A group shot of my nephews having a ball at Grandmas.
f/3.5 ss:1/1250 iso:200

I love taking photos for the exact reason I am sharing with you all..because I can look back and smile at the memories.  Memories that could have possibly been forgotten if I did not sit back and click.

Happy Tuesday all.


Weekly Winners - 2nd edition

Finally, the end of the tunnel

Shutter speed: 1/250 Aperture: 13 ISO: 100 focal length: 50mm

Yum- Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Shutter speed: 1/20 Aperture: 2.8 ISO: 400 focal length: 20mm

The sweet face of trouble

Shutter speed: 1/250 Aperture: 1.7 ISO: 400 focal length: 50mm

Lotus is the wonderful hostess of Weekly Winners. Please be sure to check out her amazing photos and everyone else that participates in this wonderful weekly meme.

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