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Year 5.

Today starts the mark of my 5th year on my journey with photography.  I never imagined how fulfilling it would be, and I am grateful.  Grateful for so much that I wanted to take a moment as we start 2013 and say a little Thank You to my family, friends, and clients.  

I would not be and owner of a photography business today if it was not for my husband purchasing my SLR six years ago.  I would not have such wonderful clients if it were not for my friends trusting me with their family portraits when I was first starting out and giving such a glowing testimonials to their friends.  I would not have been introduced to such wonderful charities that I now belong too. 

In 2012 I was published in First for Women magazine three times.  I still cannot believe that!!!! A magazine that has a circulation of over a million and I had the honor to be chosen to photograph for them.  It is a validation and an accomplishment that is surreal to me.  

This year I have plans.  Actual goals that I plan on accomplishing with my business that I never had in place before.  I know it is odd to say that now, in my 5th year.  I never felt good enough.  The fear of being mediocre and that other photographers are sooooo much better than me suffocates me at times.  It is true, there are sooo many photographers that are better than me.  I am self taught. I don't understand all the in's and out's of my camera.  Don't even get me started on the math you are "supposed" to do when figured focal length out because I have issues with my third graders homework.  BUT... what is different now is I know who I am in my work.  I found my voice, my style and I am happy with it.  

My work will most likely never win awards and I am okay with that now. The photography business on Long Island is super saturated.  In my eyes, my awards are each client that chooses me as their photographer.   

Each session I have I still walk in with a belly full of butterflies.  And I love that... I love that I still get nervous. Because each of my clients deserve photos they will proudly display on their walls and my butterflies mean that I am going to work hard to deliver that to them.  

I hope that you all have an amazing 2013.  That you push hard for what makes you happy.  My promise to myself is to keep pushing myself harder because I never know where this journey is going to take me, and so far it has been one amazing ride.  





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Just read your blog post & it seems like something I could have written myself... 6 years in march- time flies! you are such a talented photographer Kim.. never consider yourself mediocre- your work shines!!!!
Tue, January 8 | Unregistered Commenterkim

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