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A letter to my boys on Mother's Day..  

Dear Donnie and Aaron,

If you only knew how much I love you two.  I could say I love you 1 million times a day and it would never be enough. 

I thank God daily for allowing me to be your mom.  I secretly talk to him letting him know that I will never ever stop pushing myself to become a better person because he has given me the two biggest blessings in my life.

I am not promising you that you will never be disappointed with me, because that is the nature of the beast with being a Mom.  I will be the meanest Mom in the world at times.  But I will always promise to protect you the best way I know how.

One day I will share with you how you both saved me.  When your old enough to understand how lost I was as a person before your Dad showed me love is possible when you're broken.  And when we created you we created a light so bright inside of me that I will go to the ends of the earth to show you that love surrounds you two boys all the time.

Donnie and Aaron I want you to know that I hear your laughter when your not with me just by closing my eyes. It makes me giddy to know that right now you would rather hang out with me than any one else.  I hope we always have our inside jokes and our dinner dates.  Always know that I will be present, so very present in everything you do. 

When I wake up tomorrow I will be extra grateful for the two little snuggle bugs that found their way into our bed again. 

Thank you Donnie and Aaron for letting me celebrate Mother's Day..

I love you .. I love you.. I love you.


*** To My Mom: I LOVE YOU MOM!!! xoxoxoxo *****

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