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A year in review... 

I've never been big on New Year's resolutions.  I believe that dreams can come alive during any month.  Yet, New Year's day always feels like a brand new shoes.  You know those shoes that you are so excited to wear because they are shiny and new with no scuffs or wear to them.  Basically you get one whole year to bang them up, but you know they will stay shiny for a little while. 

My 2010 shoes are extremely banged up.  But, they are shoes I want to bronze and put on a shelf for a reminder of just how challenging and wonderful the year has been to me. 

This year I found out the joy of summer.  It was the first time since I was 20 that I was able to enjoy every moment of summer vacation with my kids.  We went to the beach, the movies, played in the backyard and even out in the rain.  Memories I will treasure and always remember that the last day of kindergarten for my son in 2010 was the day I completely left a career I was doing for nearly 11 years and took the leap of faith to pursue my photography business full-time.  

2010 was the year my son  Donnie learned how to ride a two wheeler and my youngest Aaron completely kicked diapers out of our house for good.

2010 was the year I saw my husband work harder and sacrifice more of himself than I will ever understand. 

2010 also showed me how hard my sister Jenny can work to pursue her dreams for her and my nephews.  It also showed me that my Mom's oncologist doctors, no matter how much faith I put in them; can make HUGE mistakes and say things like "we're sorry, things like that can happen". 

2010 made me love and treasure my dearest friends a million times more.  And it made me appreciate the new friends I have become very close with over this past year.

2010 delivered me the news that the one person in the world that was meant to be a Mom is going to be a Mom.

2010 was really good to me.  Even with the "did that really happen" moments.

And my dreams for 2011 are grand.

I want a cure for Breast Cancer to happen NOW.  My plans to help raise money to help find a cure will be tireless.  If you guys knew my Mom you would know why I try so hard to help find a cure for her.

2011 is the year I am kicking off a new charitable project called 

It will be the year I try to get out of my comfort zone and take on projects that challenge me physically and mentally.  I want my 38 years of life to show in 2011.   When I make mistakes they are always HUGE, but I can tell you that with the guidance of my husband, my dearest friends and amazing family that I the older I get the more my mirror reflects the real me. 

I guess it sounds pretentious & ambisious when written down and read over.  I mean in reality I know I may not be able to raise enough money to cure cancer.  But if I learned anything in the last few years is that sometimes all it takes is writing down what you want and believing that you can do anything if you have people that believe in you. 

Happy New Year to each and every one of you that read my blog.  I hope the night is magical!

(a few of my favorite images from 2010)


I wanted to be repetitive one more time if you let me!! Thank you again to every friend and client in 2010 that chose me to photograph your families. I hope to see some or those beautiful faces in 2011!!

Reader Comments (6)

Happy New Year, Kim! Wishing you and yours all the best!!

Fri, December 31 | Unregistered CommenterMishi

Kim I love reading your posts, you are an amazing woman and I am greatful that I got to know you so much better in 2010. Here is to a wonderful 2011 and another 365 days of memories!!
Love you!!

Fri, December 31 | Unregistered CommenterDawn Dean

Happy New Year, Kim! I hope it's a great one for you! :)

Fri, December 31 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

I know who that mom-to-be is, too, and I am so excited for her!! You're work is awesome and your ambition is inspiring. Have a happy new year!!

Sun, January 2 | Unregistered CommenterMissionjen

Beautifully written and thoughtful post! The way you described the new year is 100% right, like new shoes! You sound like such a wonderful woman and I'm so happy to see that you are dreaming big and believing that those dreams can come true is half the battle. It's also refreshing to see you planning to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Good luck for 2011, I'm sure great things are coming your way!

Mon, January 3 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

You know every time that you say that your writing sucks? You lie. I've just been catching up on your blog (my bad) and am just mesmerized.

Your photography work is stunning (I wish we lived close!), your writing is honest and true, and you are a beautiful human being.

Kim - all the best to you and your lovely family for 2011.

Mon, January 3 | Unregistered CommenterKaren MEG

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