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Making it official

Today I launch and actually tell the world I am doing this, whatever this is.

My goal with this new blog:

share my photos
share any tips I find invaluable
share new work I admire

I want a place I can use to focus on the new part of me that NEEDS photography as an outlet. 

So if you ever have a question on what lens I used, or how to I edit my photos, just email me or leave me a comment. 

I want to share anything I can with anyone willing to learn. 
I don't know it all.
And still have so far to go on this journey, but I have found helping hands along my path and hope to pass what others have shown me, to you.

There is a link on the side navigation bar that will show you others I am inspired by, or places I go for tips.  Feel free to look around. You will see that the talent on that page is amazing!

Reader Comments (2)

Flat out friggin gorgeous. I'm proud of you.

I am SO proud of you!!!!!

Wed, January 7 | Unregistered CommenterPepper Beaumont

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