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Taking a Leap

I am taking a leap of faith with Kim Pace Photography.

There are no goals.

No Ambitions.

I just want to witness and capture memories.

Reader Comments (2)

Witnessing and capturing memories is an ambition. You've stated it. And knowing you, (at least as much as I can know you via your blog), you'll do your damnedest to get the photo as perfect as possible. In fact, reading your subsequent entries, I already see you doing just that, critiquing yourself, finding what you did wrong and correcting it for the next go-round.

So, ambition you have in droves, and IMHO, that's a good thing.........................:)

Fri, January 23 | Unregistered CommenterLisaNewton

WOW! I got so bogged down in whatever I completely missed what you have done. BRAVO! I am so impressed with your leap. I hope it's everything you could hope for and more!

Thu, April 9 | Unregistered CommenterPG

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